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A Rice Ball in a Fruits Basket
Episode Information
Kanji 第五話
Rōmaji Dai Go Wa
Air Date August 2, 2001 (JP)
October 29, 2002 (US)
Staff Information
Music Information
Opening For Fruits Basket
Ending Chiisana Inori
Here Comes Kagura! Invincible Friendship

A Rice Ball in a Fruits Basket is the fifth episode of Fruits Basket.


With renovations to her grandfather’s house finally complete, Tohru does her best to adjust to life without Yuki, Shigure, and Kyo - but they may not be able to live without her!


Tohru's grandfather's renovations are done, so Tohru moves back with him. However, her aunt, uncle and cousin are living there as well. Tohru becomes disheartened, as she no longer feels at home with her family. Kyo and Yuki get Tohru and bring her back to their house. Tohru is now a permanent member in their house.

Tohru is shown remembering when she was given the name 'rice ball' whenever her class had played a game, and in her flashback an ananimous voice calls out "Rice ball!" and she happily gets out of her chair at long last to join the other children.




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