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Kanji 秋本
Rōmaji Akimoto
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Grey
Professional Status
Occupation Gang member (Formerly)
Affiliation The Ladies (Formerly)
Manga Chapter 39
Anime Episode 16
Voice Actors
Japanese Nanako Mori
English Mallorie Rodak

Akimoto (秋本) is a minor character of the Fruits Basket series. She was a member of the all-woman gang named "The Ladies", the same gang Arisa Uotani was a part of in middle school.


Akimoto has a unique look to her and has a pair of sharp, light-grey eyes and short black hair with a large mole under her mouth. She stands to be about a six-foot-tall young woman. Being a "yankee", she dresses in a casual dress and a collard shirt most of the time.


While she did indulge in criminal activities and was a member of a violent gang, Akimoto appeared to be more sympathetic and considerate compared to her fellow gang-members. It is implied that like Arisa, Akimoto had always wanted to leave the gang and start her life anew, and did so after indirectly saving Arisa.[1][2]


Akimoto was a member of a gang called "The Ladies". She would, together with other girls and women, wreak havoc, beat up people, and in turn get beaten up, start fires, and get chased by the police among many other things. When Akimoto heard that the "Red Butterfly", as in Kyoko Honda, lived nearby, she told Arisa about it so she could meet her.[3] However, she grew increasingly worried about Arisa when she showed less interest in Kyoko even after meeting her (as she had "changed"), and when she stopped going to school altogether.[1] When Arisa was almost "beaten to death" by her fellow gang members after wanting to quit the gang, Akimoto sprung into action. Knowing she could not defeat the gang by herself, she rushed over to Kyoko's house and alerted her of Arisa's danger. A rumor states that after she saved Arisa's life, she moved far and was never seen again.[2]


Arisa Uotani[]

Akimoto was likely the closest thing that Arisa had as a "friend" before Kyoko and Tohru Honda came into her life. Compared to her fellow gang-members, Akimoto openly encouraged Arisa's happiness and cared about her well-being, as she advised her to meet her role model Kyoko through her daughter, and continue going to school.[3] Even when the other gang members were against Arisa leaving the gang, Akimoto supported her decision, expressing that she should live a respectable life if she wanted to. She also confessed that she really liked Arisa, which is why she indirectly protected her from getting beaten "half to death".[2]


  • The surname Akimoto means "autumn" (秋) (aki) and "base, root, origin, source" (本) (moto).



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