Alison Viktorin
Alison Viktorin
Gender Female
Birthday February 1, 1981
Professional Status
Occupation Voice Actress

Alison Viktorin is an American voice actress.


Personal life

She was born on February 1, 1981, to Sally (née Simonsen) and Albert Retzloff.

In 2003, she graduated from California Lutheran University earning a BA in Drama. Alison married Dustin Kayne Viktorin of Euless, Texas on August 27, 2005 in Fredericksburg, Texas.


She has performed the voices for several anime roles and is noted for:

  • Shouta Magatsuchi in "Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid"
  • Naru Kotoishi in "Barakamon"
  • Kana Altair in "Soul Eater Not!"
  • Karara in "Sgt. Frog"
  • Conan Edogawa in "Case Closed"
  • Ame (Child) in "Wolf Children"
  • Shingo Jinnouchi in "Summer Wars"
  • Ethan Barklem in "The Ancient Magus' Bride"

Fruits Basket Voicing

She voiced Kyo Sohma as young in Fruits Basket (2019 Anime).


  • She is born as year of Monkey.
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