Amber Lee Connors
Amber Lee Connors
Gender Female
Birthday April 9, 1991
Professional Status
Occupation Voice Actress

Amber Lee Connors is an American voice actress. She is the voice of Rika Aida in the English dub of remake of Fruits Basket.


Personal life


She has performed the voices for few anime roles and is noted for:

  • Mai Kawakami in "Myriad Colors Phantom World"
  • Elder Hanamaki Sister in "Konohana Kitan"
  • Mei Aihara in "Citrus"
  • Akari Hyuga in "Bloom Into You"

Fruits Basket Voicing

She voiced Rika Aida in Fruits Basket (2019 Anime).


  • She is born as year of Goat/Sheep/Ram.
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