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Arisa's Father
Kanji ありさの父
Rōmaji Arisa no Chichi
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Professional Status
Occupation N/A
Spouse Unnamed Ex-wife
Children Arisa Uotani (Daughter)
Manga Chapter 40 (Flashback)
Chapter 41
Anime Episode 8 (2019)
Voice Actors
Japanese Masashi Nogawa
English Josh Martin

He is the father of Arisa Uotani.


He is a middle-aged man with a few age marks, short, softly cropped black hair, and a pair of brown eyes.


In the past, he constantly spent time in his house, excessively drinking alcohol and watching TV all day, all while neglecting his daughter’s needs.[1] However, when Arisa turned her life around, so did her father; thus, he is now seen to be a fun-loving father and a parent who worries about his daughter’s future.[2]


S1E16-2019 (240)

Arisa and her father when her mother left them.

At some point, Mr. Uotani married his wife who gave birth to their daughter, Arisa. However, when Arisa was in first grade, her mother was involved in an affair and thus left her husband and abandoned Arisa for another man, leaving her father to raise her alone. Because of this, Mr. Uotani, according to Arisa herself, became jobless, did nothing but drink all day, and never interacted with his daughter, which made Arisa feel neglected and lonely. She eventually fell into the wrong crowd and even joined a gang, though her father never meddled in her business.[1] However, after Arisa became friends with Kyoko and Tohru Honda and changed her life for the better, her father was affected too and he is now on the way to recovery, has found a job, and he has also restored his relationship with Arisa.

Story Overview[]

First Year Arc[]

At New Year’s Eve, he is seen spending time with Arisa while she scolds him for drinking too much.[3]

Second Year Arc[]

At another point, Arisa scolds him for eating too much salt since his doctor had told him to cut down on his salt intake. She also tells him to stop drinking his booze, which comically shocks her father.[4]

During the teacher-parent conference, Mr. Uotani attends with Arisa and he is shocked to hear that she wants to become a model.[2]


  • His name is never mentioned.
  • He does not appear in the 2001 anime.



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