Ayame and Yuki's Mother
Gender Female
Age 50s
Hair Color Unknown
Eye Color Unknown
Year Unsigned
Professional Status
Spouse Unnamed husband
Children Yuki Sohma (Younger Son)
Ayame Sohma (Older Son)
Manga Chapter 47
Voice Actors
She is mother of Yuki and Ayame.

She favored Yuki Sohma. With his poor health, she restricted him from doing almost anything. Ayame Sohma had even witnessed her slapping Yuki for wanting to go outside. She hated her eldest son, Ayame, for being too flamboyant. Ayame had always hated his mother and she might even be a contributing factor towards the gap between Ayame and Yuki. 


She has long hair and shares the same type of eyes with her two sons. She is either seen wearing office clothes or formal long dresses. She tends to bring a handbag with her around.


She uses Yuki as a tool to enjoy good life. She sells her son away to the Sohma Head as the Rat is supposed to be the one closest to God. She believes that she should control Yuki's life completely and strictly. She deemed Ayame a worthless son who doesn't listen to her at all. She is proud and arrogant.

Story Overview


Yuki's past

It is shown once in the manga that she hit Yuki as a child after he'd wandered away from Akito and it is earlier implied (through a memory of Ayame's) that it may have been more than once.

After Summer Vacation

Parent-Teacher meeting

After Yuki asked his mother to be at the Parent-Teacher Meeting, she shocked both him and Mayuko Shiraki, his teacher, by saying that she had planned what college Yuki would go to. Yuki's mother continued by saying that Yuki couldn't choose the right things, as he decided to go to a no-name school, and that he had to rely on her to do anything right.

However, Ayame intervenes, presenting Mayuko with flowers. He proceeds to struggle with his mother, until she throws a fit and leaves. Yuki later caught up with her and told her that he wanted to choose the college for himself. After a while, she agreed, and told him not to waste his opportunity.


Yuki Sohma

Ayame Sohma


  • She doesn't appear in the 2001 of anime.
  • It is unspecified whether she is a Sohma by marriage or blood, but due to her treatment of her sons it is believed to be by blood, seeing as how she understood how the Sohma hierarchy worked.
  • Her husband is never shown.
  • Despite her personality and history with her sons, Yuki has been shown trying to reconcile his relationship with her, with little improvement.