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Because I Was Happy
S1E22-2019 (227)
Episode Information
Kanji だって嬉しかったのよ
Rōmaji Datte ureshikatta no yo
Air Date August 30, 2019 (JP)
August 30, 2019 (US)
Chapters 51
Staff Information
Director Caitlin Glass (US)
Script Bonny Clinkenbeard, Jeramey Kraatz (US)
Music Information
Opening Chime
Ending One Step Closer
I Never Back Down from a Wave Fight You Look Well...

Because I Was Happy (だって嬉しかったのよ, Datte ureshikatta no yo) is the twenty-second episode of the first season of the Fruits Basket 2019 Anime.


Saki Hanajima’s past filled with bullying and ostracization is revealed, and the extent of her powers are explored. When she meets Tohru Honda and Arisa Uotani, things start to change for the better.


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Saki's history is detailed beginning with her being born with powers that others cannot understand. During elementary school, she was picked on by boys who accused her of being a witch. In one case a boy fell unconscious after Saki was pushed over.

From that, further children continued the bullying, now holding her accountable for what happened to the bully. Megumi attempts to help her but years later the situation is the same but now with instances such as girls burning Saki's arm before lying that she was playing with matches.

When her parents transferred her to a new school, Saki met Tohru and Arisa who were both nice to her. When they raise her past, the resurfacing memories causes Saki's powers to emerge.

After running off, Tohru finds her to reconcile. Their friendship strengthened and with time the voices are no longer heard in Saki's head.

Kyoko explained that people cannot live without others, and regardless if the friends do up going their separate ways they will always retain some aspect of their friendship.



  • This episode covers Saki's backstory with some scenes shortened from the manga and removed a good chunk of Saki's narration while the episode covered her past.
  • The episode title is taken from one of Saki's lines in the episode.

Anime and Manga Differences

  • Much of Saki’s narration at the start of Chapter 51 was replaced in the anime with her hearing the inner thoughts of everyone around her. In addition, there were a couple additional lines in the manga from her family before realizing how overwhelmed she was with hearing everyone’s thoughts.
  • A good chunk of Saki's narration and interactions with her family upon waking up were removed from the anime. This includes Saki contemplating the problems having her ability has when interacting with others and her family trying to sort out how to have her learn to control her power.
  • When going to school while being bullied by some boys, Saki was in a shirt with a long-length skirt in the manga instead of a dress.
  • Saki's narration regarding her school bullying and another scene where boys at school torment her were removed from the anime.
  • Saki's monologue about dressing in black and being bullied was shortened and changed respectively for the manga. In the manga, Saki's school textbooks were vandalized. The anime scene showing Saki being tripped up by other classmates was taken from a later scene in the manga.
  • Some of Saki and Megumi's conversation was removed from the anime which involved Megumi going into more detail about why he was interested in learning more about curses.
  • A scene showing middle school students being intimidated by Saki as she walks through the hallway was removed from the anime.
  • While a teacher was reprimanding for Saki for her black finger nails, there is a small bit removed from the anime that showed Saki's parents allowing her to wear black finger paint in place of not being allowed to wear black at the new school she moved to.
  • Saki's monologue about interacting with Arisa and Tohru was removed for the anime.
  • During the gym scene as Saki monologues about her closeness to Arisa and Tohru, Saki and Tohru were wearing gym bloomers in the manga instead of sweatpants.
  • During the scene where Saki, her friends, and family members were together, Saki’s father was not present in the manga and the hug that Saki received from her mother in response to controlling her powers was added for the anime. There is also a removed bit from the scene where Saki's grandmother told Saki that the boy she used her powers on from years ago was doing well now and Saki hoped to someday apologize to him.
  • Saki hearing the thoughts of other reacting to her wearing black while in the park was added for the anime.


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