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Cat's Room

Cat's Room-2001

Cat's Room-2019

Type: Isolation Room
Address: Sohma Estate (Formerly)
Inhabitants: Kazuma's Grandfather (Formerly)
Every Sohma cursed by the Cat spirit (Formerly)
Isuzu Sohma (Released)
Status: Destroyed

The Cat's Room is an isolation room where the spirit of the Cat is confined after they complete high school. It is a part of the Curse that God had put on all of the animals of the zodiac.


The purpose of the Cat's Room is to lock up the spirit of the Cat as punishment for disobeying God and going against them. The Cat had originally seen God's plan as a failure, predicting it to ultimately not work, and that the other animals would turn on God for forcing all of them to be with him/her.

God put a curse on the Cat, thinking they were a traitor to everyone. With each rebirth of the Cat's spirit, the person inhabited by them will be forced to complete high school, and then trapped in this room. When they are locked up, the other animals are forced to join God in an everlasting banquet until they all die.

The room, while never truly seen, serves as a place of isolation for the Cat, making sure their life is awful for trying to keep the rest of the Zodiac from forming a bond with God.


It is known that every person cursed by the Cat spirit has been confined into the Cat's Room. Kazuma's Grandfather was also isolated in the Cat's room most of his life up until his death. He once offered his grandson, Kazuma Sohma, a candy, but Kazuma harshly rejected it, saying it is cursed.

Story Overview

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Kyo Sohma, knowing how his life will play out, lashes out at Yuki Sohma, hating on him for being the closest to God, and for being the one who tricks him in the old story. Because of the other part of the curse, the True Form of the Cat spirit, Kyo is seen wearing a Juzu Bead made out of human bones and blood. Before the series begins, Kyo makes a bet with Akito. If Kyo is able to beat Yuki, even just once, in anything before they graduate, the Cat can be included in the Zodiac. However, if Kyo fails to complete his end, he will be locked in the Cat's Room until he dies.

Akito later destroys the Cat's Room, and thus, Kyo is never trapped in it. This comes at a surprise to him. Soon after, the curse on all of the animals is lifted, including the cat, meaning the room won't be used or rebuilt again.


  • Akito talked with Kyo's father before she decided to destroy the cat's confinement room.


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