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Cat of The Chinese Zodiac
Gender Male
Hair Color Orange
Professional Status
Affiliation Sohma Curse
Status Deceased
Manga Chapter 131
Anime Episode 1 (flashback)
Season 3, Episode 11 (Debut)
Voice Actors

The first Cat of The Chinese Zodiac is





God of The Chinese Zodiac[]

The Chinese Zodiac[]



(to God) You are a very mysterious person. I cannot stop being attracted to you. I am merely a stray cat...but please let me stay by your side. Please, Lord God. (Chapter 131)

(to God) My Lord God...why did you make me drink? My Lord...I don't want eternity. I don't need permanence. My Lord God, my lord god. I know it's frighting...but let accept that things end. I know it's sad...but let us accept that lives depart. My Lord God, I know it was only for a short time. But I was happy to be with you. If one more time...we both die and reborn...and if we meet again...I don't want to only see you in the moonlight. I want to see you smiling under the light of the sun as well. Next time, I don't want to meet you with only those of us here. I want to meet you while you're smiling...within a ring of people. (Chapter 131)

Yen Press[]

(to God) You are a strange and mysterious being. I cannot help but being drawn to you. Though I am but a stray cat...please let me stay by your side. Please, God. (Chapter 131)

(to God) My God...why did you make me drink? My God, I have no be eternal. I do not wish to never change. My God, even if it is a frighting prospect...let us accept that all things comes to an end. Sad through it may be...let us accept that all lives are impermanent. My God, though it was only for a short time...I was happy at your side. If indeed both of us die...and are reborn... and meet again... I hope that it is not on a moonlit night. I wish to see you smiling in the light of day. But among the humans a well. That is my dearest wish. (Chapter 131)




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