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Delinquent Trio
Gender Females
Hair Color Blonde (Takemura)
Reddish-brown (Ito)
Dirty Blonde to Black (Ishihara)
Eye Color Hazel (Takemura)
Green (Ito)
Light Brown (Ishihara)
Professional Status
Occupation Students
Affiliation Unnamed Middle School
Manga Chapter 39
Anime Episode 16
Voice Actors
Japanese Yūki Wakai (Takemura)
Shiori Izawa (Ito)
Minami Takahashi (Ishihara)
English Leah Clark (Takemura)
Lindsay Seidel (Ito)
Madeleine Morris (Ishihara)

They are three middle school aged yankee wannabes, who are comprised of Takemura, Ito and Ishihara.


Takemura is the tallest of the girl. She has a pair of hazel-colored eyes and long, straight blonde which she wears in side-bangs, framing her face and forehead. She is usually seen wearing a black face mask and a light purple dress.

Ito is the shortest of the group, she has lime green eyes and straight, neck-length, reddish-brown hair. She wears her school uniform in the "wrong" way, showing her rebellious nature, and has red painted nails.

Ishihara has about shoulder-length, slightly spiked, dirty blonde hair with black tips. She wears lipstick and a standard school uniform without the ribbon and collar.


They are tough and aggressive girls who has made their status as gang members their personalities. Despite this, they can also be very emotional and cowardly. Thanks to Arisa's influence, they become kinder and sweeter, though only towards the latter.

Story Overview[]

Second Year Arc[]

The group are first seen trying to intimidate a passerby, but run away when Momiji Sohma begins speaking German to them.[1]

The three girls are later seen as they found Arisa shopping with her friends. They tried to harass her about quitting her gang lifestyle, to threaten her, and pick a fight with her, but Arisa then taught one of them that there are other ways to show off, and gleefully tells them that she will be more than happy to give them a scolding. After this, they develop a deep admiration towards Arisa; calling her "ane-san", begin attending school to see Arisa, as well as Ito and Ishihara trying to imitate Arisa, much to Takemura's discomfort.[2]

They are later seen visiting Arisa at school. Arisa asks them if they're properly attending middle school to which they reply that they do; however, they also want to follow their deeply admired role model.[3]


Arisa Uotani[]

Initially, they held a strong disdain towards Arisa Uotani, who quit her gang lifestyle and became "normal", and even began harassing and threatening her over it. However, after a certain event, the three girls soon begin admiring her deeply. Thanks to Arisa's influence, they start attending middle school properly, become better people, and wish to follow in her footsteps. Additionally, for the better or the worse, they try to imitate Arisa, much to the latter's dismay.


  • Natsuki Takaya mentions that she wanted to include them in the story more, but had no time in doing so.



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