God of The Chinese Zodiac

God of The Chinese Zodiac-2019

God of The Chinese Zodiac-Manga

Gender Male
Hair Color White
Professional Status
Affiliation Sohma Curse
Status Deceased
Manga Chapter 131
Anime Episode 1 (flashback)
Voice Actors

The first God of The Chinese Zodiac was once upon a time a very lonely man who became friends with thirteen animals who regarded him as a "god". Not wanting to part with his friends, the man cast a spell that would bind him and the animals in an everlasting bond throughout their next lives. This is the origin of the Sohma family curse.


He was a fair-skinned man with long, straight white hair which reached down to his feet and below. His straight bangs framed his face and forehead. He was seen wearing a long, light-colored and simple haori. Additionally, his face was never shown and is obscured throughout his appearances.


He was a very lonely man who chose to isolate himself due to having "the strength of a thousand men", "the lives of a thousand men", and "a thousand memories". Since he knew he was different from everyone else, he was afraid of himself, other people, and getting hurt. Because of this, he chose to make friends with animals instead. Through this decision, it is revealed that he was a very gentle and kind man who valued his friends deeply. His love towards his friends and his fear of being lonely, the man created a spell so he and his friends could stay connected for eternity even after death. He never intended for this bond to become the source of generations of abuse in the Sohma linage.[1]


The man had lived on top of a mountain for several years, all alone. The man had lived a thousand lifetimes and possessed a thousand different powers. Since God knew he was not like the humans at all, he came to fear them, specifically to get hurt by them.

But then, one day, a cat came to visit. The man was very shocked by the sudden visitor. The cat confessed that he had been watching the man quite some time, and that he couldn't help but be drawn to him. He expressed his desire to stay by the man's side. And so, the cat held its words and never left the man's side. This made the man very happy.

Eventually, the other animals (those that are considered part of the Chinese zodiac) went to see the man. After that occasion, the thirteen animals and the man would have a banquet every night the moon shone. In their banquets, they all had a great time, as they sang, danced, and laughed.

But one night, the cat suddenly collapsed. “God” and all the other animals were devastated and it made them realize that all living things were destined to die, and that their wonderful banquets would eventually end. “God”, not wanting their friendship or banquet to end, and only yearning to make their bond last for eternities, created a spell by drawing a circle in a cup of water with his finger. This drink, later revealed to a spell which would make their friendships last for all eternity, that they would be reborn and no matter how many times they were reborn the bond of their friendship would remain.

“God” had the cat, still unconscious, drink it first without telling him what it was. All the other animals drank the spell willingly, the Rat going first. However, the cat briefly regained consciousness and was devastated by the fact that he was forced to drink the spell-water. He explained that he didn't want to be reborn for all eternity, and was steadfast in his belief that all things must come to an end. After saying his piece, the cat passed away. The other animals, however, did not want to hear to the cat's wisdom and had already made up their minds that the cat had betrayed them.

And at last, the day came when “God” too left this world. However, he was not afraid because of the promise they had all made so many years ago. He knew that his friends (the animals) would wait for him and that all of them would be reunited.[1]



The Cat was the man's best friend and his loyal companion. The fact that the Cat never left his side made the man very happy, in which the idea of having a fun banquet with every other animal was born. However, the man was shocked when the Cat confessed how he had no desire to live for eternity; only wishing for the two of them to be reborn in a happy environment.[1]

The Chinese Zodiacs

The man valued his friends from the Zodiac more than anything else. They soothed his loneliness and due to fact how happy he was from becoming friends with them, he wished to be with them for all eternity, thus unintentionally creating the Sohma curse.[1]



(to Chinese Zodiacs) Our bond. I will now make it eternal. Even if I or all you die and rot away...we will be tied together by an eternal bond. However many times we die. However many times we are reborn. Just as before, we will have...our countless banquets. We will be friends. Until the end of time. We will be "permanent". (Chapter 131)

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  • His tale is told near the end of the manga right after the curse is finally broken. In the 2019 anime, he appears in the very first scene of the first episode when he's casting the spell that linked him to the Zodiac animals.



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