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Hiroshi and Yusuke
Kanji ひろし
Rōmaji Hiroshi
Gender Males
Hair Color Black (Hiroshi)
Brown (Yusuke)
Eye Color Brown (Hiroshi)
Dark Brown (Yusuke)
Professional Status
Occupation Students
Affiliation Kaibara Municipal High School
Manga Chapter 4
Anime Episode 3
Voice Actors
Japanese Wataru Komada (Hiroshi)
Gen Satō (Yusuke)
English Ricco Fajardo (Hiroshi)
Shawn Gann (Yusuke)

Hiroshi (ひろし, Hiroshi) and Yusuke (ゆうすけ, Yūsuke) are minor characters of anime Fruits Basket and Manga series. They are classmates and good friends of Kyo Sohma's.


Hiroshi has short black hair and brown eyes.

Yusuke has slightly longer brown hair with a pair of dark brown eyes.

Both boys are usually seen in the standard Kaibara High uniform.


Hiroshi and Yusuke are seen to be very energetic, friendly and fun-loving people, who practically get along with anyone, from Kyo to Arisa Uotani to Saki Hanajima. Despite Kyo's temper, they are very kind and teasing towards him, and even came up with the nickname "Kyon-kyon" for him.

Story Overview[]

First Year Arc[]

They are seen watching Kyo and the others play Poker in the classroom.[1] During the school festival, they are seen teasing Kyo and preparing for their booths.[2] They also praises Tohru Honda for her hand-made riceballs.[3]

A few days before Valentine's Day, Hiroshi and Yusuke are respectively happy and jealous that Kyo got some chocolate from a girl.[4]

After taking their tests, Yusuke is certain that Saki aced her tests, but both boys are shocked to hear that her grades are actually quite bad.[5]

Second Year Arc[]

Hiroshi and Yusuke asks Kyo if he has decided on his career goal, and they think that something like a cat breeder would suit him well, which annoys Kyo.[6]

Hiroshi and Yusuke are later seen to very ecstatic with their summer break starting.[7]

After returning to school after summer vacation, Hiroshi reacts strongly when Tohru says that she has "something to take care of", leading to Hiroshi to think that she is going on a date. Both Hiroshi and Arisa lightly tease Tohru by saying that it is suspicious.[8]

Third Year Arc[]

Hiroshi, Yusuke and Kyo's other friends are seen to be very happy and touched when Kyo finally begins dating Tohru, proud over how Kyo has come such a long way since he transferred to their class. Kyo begins hanging out with his friends more and tells Tohru how he plays basketball with them after school, and that they have a lot of energy.[9]


Kyo Sohma[]

Hiroshi and Yusuke get along well with Kyo, and they are one of the people that Kyo spends the most time at in school. Kyo seems to appreciate their friendship, but will get annoyed when they make fun of him too much and calls him "Kyon-kyon". It is mentioned that once Kyo's curse broke, he began socializing with and spending more time with his friends.

Saki Hanajima[]

Hiroshi and Yusuke like playing poker with Saki Hanajima, viewing her as an opponent impossible to defeat. They get along very well and accepts her "waves", but nonetheless worries about her horrible grades.



  • The name Hiroshi is written in hiragana (ひろし), which has no special meaning. However, when written in kanji (寛, 浩, 裕 or 博), it could possibly mean:
    • 寛 - "tolerant, generous".
    • 浩 - "prosperous".
    • 裕 - "abundant".
    • 博 - "command, esteem".


Yusuke is a variant transcription of Yūsuke.

  • The name Yusuke is written in hiragana (ゆうすけ), which has no special meaning. However, when written in kanji (祐介), it could possibly mean "help, assist" (祐) (yu) and "help, assist" (介) (suke).



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