I'm... Home.
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Episode Information
Kanji ……ただい…ま
Rōmaji ......Tadai ... ma
Air Date April 26, 2021 (JP)
April 26, 2021 (US)
Chapters 115, 104, 105, 106
Staff Information
Director Caitlin Glass (US)
Music Information
Opening None
Ending Haru Urara
I Hope It Snows Soon I Mean... You Know, Right?

I'm... Home. (……ただい…ま, ......Tadai ... ma) is the fourth episode of the third season of the Fruits Basket 2019 Anime.


The Somas get increasingly worried when no one can find Rin.


Akito asks Kureno if he knows what is in the box she is holding. When he does not, Akito tells him it’s her father.

Hiro lovingly watches Hinata while his mother and Kisa's mother chat. Hiro is alarmed when they mention Isuzu hasn't returned from the hospital. At school, Yuki asks Haru if he has heard anything about Rin’s condition or hospital since Tohru is worried. Haru is happy Rin made a friend, but doesn’t know any details and to thank Tohru.

After visiting Kagura for information on Rin, Hiro runs into Kisa on her way to his house. The two talk about Hinata and how she makes Hiro want to be a better person. He starts to apologize but is interrupted by bumping into Haru. He tells Haru that Rin isn’t back yet and confesses to seeing Akito push Rin out the window because she found out about their relationship. Hiro also admits it was his fault Akito hit Kisa and apologizes to her and Haru for not telling them sooner. Hiro reveals Rin is trying to break the curse for Haru's sake and that’s why she broke up with him. He asks Haru to convince Rin to stop. Haru leaves and Kisa begins to cry. She apologizes for making him feel guilty.

Meanwhile, Kureno sees a servant taking food somewhere and follows her to the Cat’s Room. When he asks, the servant refuses to tell him who is in the room nor who sent her out of fear for her indebted father. Kureno begs the servant to give him the key and tells her she can blame him for overpowering her. The servant admits the prisoner hasn’t eaten for days and is worried she’ll die. She gives up the key, asking Kureno to save her. Kureno opens the door to find a disheveled Rin locked inside.

Haru barges into Akito’s room to ask about what she did to Rin. Akito denies his accusations and tries to gaslight him. Haru punches the door and yells that he loves Rin and Akito has known it all along. He asks where Rin is, noting Akito always treated Rin coldly along with the other female zodiacs. Aktio says he knew how much she hated Isuzu when he told her he loved Rin, implying he is at fault. He grabs Akito’s shoulder again demanding to know where Rin is, but Akito continues to deny it and says to stop making her the bad guy.

Kureno enters the room saying Hatori has taken Rin to the hospital and that her life is not at risk. Kureno tells Akito that no matter who she is, she cannot do things like this. Haru asks where Rin was and Kureno tells him. Akito asks why Kureno would betray her. Haru goes dark and grabs Akito, yelling that she’s a liar. Akito blames Haru saying he dug Rin’s grave by choosing to love her. Haru pins her against the wall and as he’s about to punch, recalls comforting Rin after a nightmare. He thinks deep down he knew he was putting her in danger by loving her but that he wanted to be with her more than he wanted to protect her and ended up hurting her. Haru punches the beam behind Akito without hitting her. Leaving, he tells her to shut up, as her words makes him want to kill them both.

Akito begs Haru not to leave but Kureno tells him to go and not come back. He says Rin would want to see Haru, since the first thing she said was his name. The bond tying Akito and Haru begins to fray. Akito asks why everyone wants to betray her and begins to throw a violent fit. She cries that her father told her she was born to be loved and begs her father for help.

The Sohma maid asks Kureno why he did it despite knowing it was betraying Akito. He asks if she thinks he should have Rin imprisoned and she says yes because Akito wished it. She asks whose side Kureno’s on and he should live and die for Akito, since she is the only reason the zodiacs aren't treated as monsters like the cat.

Rin runs away from the hospital. She recalls coming to the Sohma estate to grill Kureno after seeing him Tohru cry and being discovered by Ren. Ren offered her help to break the curse and said she would tell Rin what she knew if Rin stole the box from Akito. When Akito discovered Rin, she locked her in the cat’s room and cut her hair. Given the choice of exile or Akito blinding Haru, Rin decided to stay in the room and die.

A servant reports to Ren who admits she has no idea how to break the curse and she’s always hated Rin but thought she might be useful.

Rin hallucinates she is back in the cat’s room, wishing she could dream of Haru. She is happy to be granted her wish when Haru tells her if her journey is over, she can come back to him. She is happy to go home to him and says it is a good dream. He tells her it’s not a dream and picks her up to carry her back to the hospital. He says he won’t give up on her and that she isn’t a burden. Sobbing, She tells Haru she’s home and he welcomes her.



  • The episode title is taken from one of Isuzu Sohma's lines.
  • The first scene of the episode, which depicts Kureno bringing water to Akito and asking her if she is alright and affirming Akira's presence in the box, happens in Chapter 115 of the manga.

Anime and Manga Differences

  • The opening scene with Kureno and Akito was originally shown later in the manga in Chapter 115. This replaces the opening scene of Chapter 104 where Kureno noticed a Sohma maid leaving food outside the cat's room, which got moved to later in the episode during Haru's conversation with Hiro and Kisa.
  • Following his conversation with Yuki, a scene was removed showing Haru reflecting on his memories of Isuzu.
  • Before barging into Akito's room, there was a removed scene showing Haru walking past some Sohma maids while recollecting what he learned from Hiro about Isuzu.
  • During Haru's confrontation with Akito, the anime removed many of the flashbacks Haru had recollecting his relationship with Isuzu and reflecting on how his selfishness may have caused Isuzu to suffer.
    • In the manga, Haru's flashback as he's about to hit Akito has him shirtless whereas Isuzu wears what seems to be a sleeveless night gown. The anime has them both naked and adds a brief sequence where they lay down in bed, still nude.
  • The clips showing the red rope meant to symbolize the “bond” of the Sohma curse and its unraveling were added for the anime.
  • All mention and scenes involving Hatori caring for Isuzu were added for the anime, which removed Isuzu’s opening narration from Chapter 106 about questioning any reason she has for living. In the manga, Hatori was still at the main Sohma house when he learns about Isuzu fleeing from the hospital, rather than being the one who finds out about Rin's disappearance.
  • Isuzu's hair is left noticeably messier and longer in the anime than the manga.
  • Isuzu's imagine spot with a young Yuki is anime-only.
  • When Rin is captured by Akito and thinks she looks like her mother when angry, this is symbolized by a red thread surrounding the two. There are additional shots of the same doll seen in Wanna Kiss?, now torn apart, and a sequence that has "the box" falling to the wooden floor.


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