Jerry Jewell
Jerry Jewell
Gender Male
Birthday July 30, 1976
Professional Status
Occupation Voice Actor, ADR Director

Jerry Jewell is an American Voice Actor and Voice Director who works on anime series for Funimation and OkraTron 5000. He is the voice of Kyo Sohma in the English dub of Fruits Basket.


Personal life


Jewell became a full-time ADR Director for Funimation in 2013. He has performed the voices for several anime roles and is noted for his roles:

  • Jimmy Kudo in "Case Closed"
  • Barry the Chopper in "Fullmetal Alchemist" series
  • Claire Stanfield in "Baccano!"
  • Zelman Clock in "Black Blood Brothers"
  • Lau in "Black Butler" series
  • Lin Xiao Li in "Black Cat"
  • Sorata Arisugawa in "Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle"
  • Kaworu Nagisa in "Rebuild of Evangelion" series
  • Snow Lily in "Servamp"
  • Russia in "Hetalia"
  • Lyon Vastia in "Fairy Tail"
  • Viktor Nikiforov in "Yuri!! on Ice"
  • Natsuno Yuki in "Shiki"

Fruits Basket Voicing

He reprised his role as Kyo in Fruits Basket (2019 Anime).[1]



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