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Kaibara Municipal High School
Type: School
Address: Japan

Kaibara Municipal High School (貝原市立高校, Kaibara Shiritsu Kōkō ) is a private high school where most of the Fruits Basket cast attends.

Dress Code[]

All students in the school are required to wear their school uniforms to school. As the weather progresses, the students can take off their sweaters.

The female school uniform is a classic naval-styled Japanese one. The uniform has a blue sweater (in the summer, it is a loose white shirt-like attire) and required to have a shirt underneath, but the student is allowed to wear a shirt of their own liking. It also has a blue skirt with pleats and ruffles at the hem; the females are free to choose the length of them. Options are thigh-length, knee-length, or even ankle-length. It consists of black stockings that go up to mid-shin, and brown slip-on shoes.

The male school uniform which consists of a blue sweater (white during summertime for both genders) with a white color around the collar and edges, and a shirt underneath. Most students wear their school uniform buttoned with a light-blue necktie, but a few students wear their school uniforms unbuttoned and without a tie. The male uniform in the 2001 version is primarily black, rather than navy.

Dyed hair and excessive jewelry are prohibited by the school. Male students are not allowed to wear the female school uniform, and vice-versa.


Cultural festival[]

Kaibara High School has several events held at school. The most well-known event is the cultural festival; both first-year and second-year cultural festivals are immortalized there.

In her first year, Tohru Honda and her class ran an "onigiri shop". In their second year, they decided to have a play named Cinderella-ish.

Class trip[]

Students in a specific grade are also allowed to have a class trip, typical destinations are Kyoto and Nara. Instead of going anywhere with the entire class, students can wander freely with their friends. But they are not allowed to stop and buy food.

Student Council[]

Members of the Kaibara Student Council are appointed, not elected. In Fruits Basket, all of the student council members were chosen by Makoto Takei. He appointed the following:

The student council has a variety of responsibilities. In addition to creating budgets and assigning responsible, the president personally talks to the student's clubs to get feedback and input. They are also tasked to patrol the school, prepare for cultural festivals, and meeting preparations.

Kakeru says that the student council body is a school defense force that fights against evils, and calls it the "School Defense Force". In one of the meetings, the outcome was that Yuki was represented by red, Kakeru by black, Naohito by blue, Machi by yellow, and Kimi by pink.

Apparently, Ayame Sohma was asked to become the "commander" of the student council by Kakeru, in which Ayame agreed.

Back in the days, Ayame was the president of the student council, and mentioned to have made the school a much better place. He had Hatori Sohma and Shigure Sohma working beside him too.

In Fruits Basket Another, the student council body consists of:

Known Staff[]

Known Students[]

Note: Up to Chapter 103.

First Years[]

Second Years[]

Third Years[]



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