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Kakeru Manabe
Kakeru Manabe Editon
Kanji 真鍋 翔
Rōmaji Manabe Kakeru
Also known as Flying Pot
Gender Male
Age 17-18
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Affiliation Kaibara Municipal High School
Parents Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Step-mother
Siblings Machi Kuragi (Younger Half-sister)
Unnamed Younger Half-brother
Spouse Komaki Nakao (Wife)
Children Michi Manabe (Daughter)
Kou Manabe (Son)
Extended Family Yuki Sohma (Brother-in-law)
Mutsuki Sohma (Nephew)
Manga Chapter 49
Voice Actors
Japanese Kenichi Suzumura (Drama CD)

Kakeru Manabe (真鍋 翔, Manabe Kakeru) is one of the recurring character of the Fruits Basket series. He is the older illegitimate half-brother of Machi Kuragi by their mutual father's mistress.

He serves as the vice president of the student council during Yuki Sohma's presidency. Kakeru has an energetic character and sometimes claims the student council is a super-sentai–style "School Defense Force". He was the one made up the nickname "Yunyun" for Yuki.

Although he was initially disliked by Yuki due to reminding him of both his older brother and Kyo Sohma, the pair soon become best friends. Kakeru also has a girlfriend named Komaki Nakao and they practically live together as their mothers are both busy with work.

In Fruits Basket Another, he is married to Komaki and the father of Michi Manabe and Kou Manabe.


Kakeru is a young man of average build and height and a pair of light brown eyes. He has short, slightly spiked dark brown hair reaching down to his nape. Additionally, he has two cow-slicks sticking up from the top of his head. He is often depicted in his Kaibara High school uniform with a sweater on top.


According to Komaki, Kakeru used to be a withdrawn, unapproachable person due to the pressure of the competition to be the family heir. When Kakeru finally called it quits and found the courage to stand for himself, he suddenly became the character Yuki meets.

He is depicted as alternately lazy and charismatically energetic, strongly reminding Yuki of his older brother, Ayame Sohma,[1] whom Kakeru refers to as "commander". Yuki also compares Kakeru's social personality and ability to make friends to Kyo Sohma's.[2] Kakeru is always restless, very laid-back and cheerful, always looking for a laugh and loves napping and messing around when he should be doing council work. He is convinced that the student council is "School Defense Force; protecting students from the forces of evil". He constantly teases other people, such as calling Yuki for "Yunyun" and a "girl", as well as his younger sister Machi for having a crush on Yuki. Despite his teasing personality, he is understanding of people and always helps people out. He is expressive and wears his emotions on his sleeve, and his open-minded and accepting personality is a factor of why Yuki is later able to confide in him and why they are able to become best friends.

Kakeru is quite eccentric and as noted by Yuki, he can say baffling things with a straight face on which shocks people around him. Although he appears to constantly be happy and joyous on the outside, Kakeru actually at times looks down on himself, and can often get serious if he sees the need to. He tries his best for the people he cares about, but the way he expresses himself can come off as rude and ignorant. This is the case when he thought that Tohru Honda was the only one affected by the car accident that killed her mother and Komaki's father, and confronted her and said that she was nauseating. However, thanks to Komaki's influence, Kakeru got around to see his mistakes, apologizes for his mistakes and is now trying to understand things from other peoples perspectives. He has no problem apologizing for the hurt he has caused and when he feels like he has wronged someone.


Kakeru and Machi share the same father but have different mothers. According to Kakeru, he is the illegitimate son of their father, but because he was older than Machi and the only son, their mothers got into a heated dispute as to who was to be their father's heir. Machi's mother was particularly hard on Machi, forcing her to be as perfect as possible so that as the legitimate child of her father, she would become the family's heir over Kakeru.

The matter was settled when Machi's younger brother was born and Machi was brushed aside. As a result, Kakeru feels he needs to take care of his younger sister given that he feels she has been treated unfairly and she has become unloved. Kakeru tells Yuki at one point that he himself noticed how stupid the inheritance dispute was and told his mother that he would not take part in it.

Story Overview

Fruits Basket

During Summer Vacation

When Yuki first met Kakeru, Yuki thought that he reminded him of Ayame. As they were leaving the student council office, Kakeru calls him a princess, which results in Yuki half-exploding, saying that he apologizes "for looking like a girl!" Kakeru quickly apologizes, calling himself an idiot. He also told Yuki that he was "an interesting guy", which made Yuki happy.

After Summer Vacation

Yuki tells Kakeru some of his past after recurrences of memories from when he lived with Akito. However, at the end of it, it turns out that Yuki never said anything and he had been thinking it all. But he does tell him some of his past and how he thought of Tohru as a mother figure. He and Kimi Toudou call Yuki "Yun-Yun".

Fruits Basket Another

Kakeru is revealed to have married Komaki as is now the father of two children, Michi and Kou. They live together in town, and it is mentioned that their family has a tradition of eating meat from morning until night on the 29th of every month.


Machi Kuragi

Machi is Kakeru's younger half-sister, though most people don't know about it. Kakeru is very protective of her and can often be seen ordering her around, though rather out of love than sibling superiority. After the inheritance dispute was resolved and Machi was brushed aside, Kakeru felt like he needed to take care of his younger sister given that he feels she has been treated unfairly and she has become unloved. Although Kakeru doesn't really understand Machi's trauma or her character, he is always looking after her and hates the ignorant rumors going around about Machi.

When Kakeru noticed that Machi had started to come out of her shell due to Yuki's influence, Kakeru was happy, shocked, and grateful to see his previously emotionless younger sister like that. He also feels like Yuki is the right one for Machi, so he often teases Machi about her crush on him as well as Yuki about their relationship. He also tells Komaki that since Yuki is his best friend and Machi is his sister, he is trying to set them up so he can be together with Yuki for a long time.

Yuki Sohma

Ever since their first meeting, Kakeru has been very friendly and energetic with Yuki, even making up the nickname "Yunyun" for him. Yuki, on the other hand, disliked Kakeru greatly because Kakeru reminded him of Kyo and Ayame, two people he can't stand. However, at times goes on, Yuki is able to confide in Kakeru due to his personality, and he is the first person Yuki tells about his real feelings towards Tohru (as in viewing her as a mother-figure). Kakeru is shown to be supportive and caring towards Yuki as well, as although he often teases him, he is always looking about for him and always making sure he is alright (which Yuki appreciates deeply). Despite their clashing personalities and arguments (often from Yuki's side, Kakeru is also able to confide in Yuki. They spend a lot of time together, even outside of their student council duties, and get along very well. Over the course of the year they spent together, they came to know each other very well and Yuki describes Kakeru and Machi's endless support as something that helped him immensely.

It is implied that they spend much time together as adults, as Yuki's son Mutsuki, and Kakeru's daughter Michi, were basically raised as siblings.

Komaki Nakao

Komaki and Kakeru

Komaki and Kakeru.

Kakeru has been friends with Komaki since middle school, and they eventually began dating when they found out their feelings were mutual. They have a very loving relationship where both of always support each other and tries the best for the opposite party, but there are also times where Kakeru likes to mess with Komaki. At these times she usually runs after him and hits him when she catches up. While Kakeru is often teasing and energetic, he tends to be more tender and loving with Komaki, showcasing how much he loves her. He is very loyal to her and cares about her wellbeing deeply, which is why his confrontation with Tohru was on Komaki's behalf. However, Komaki was angry at him because he had disrespected Tohru's feelings. He realized that his feelings and Komaki's were not the same and vowed to understand other people better, and later apologizes to Tohru for his hurtful behavior. Kakeru and Komkai seem to live together; as their parents are practically never home. Komaki states that despite their occasional fights, they have some meaning behind them and makes them even stronger together.

In Fruits Basket Another, they are revealed to be married and have two children together.

Tohru Honda

It was hinted that the main reason that he wanted to meet Yuki is because of his relationship with Tohru Honda, as he frequently asked him what the nature of their relationship was. At one point Saki Hanajima confesses feeling like she had met him somewhere before (specifying that it was with Tohru at one point, to which the latter feels terribly guilty over not remembering his face despite not knowing who Kakeru is seeing as they only called him "vice president" at the time).

It is later revealed that Kakeru's girlfriend's father was the driver who killed Kyoko (the driver dying on impact) and at the funeral, he apparently spoke out at Tohru for "acting like she was the only one affected," only to be reprimanded by his girlfriend afterward. It turns out he has been trying to apologize to her ever since.


  • Kakeru is sometimes called "True Pot Flies" because of the kanji that make up his name.
  • Kakeru (with his face covered by his books) makes his first cameo appearance in the last two pages of Volume 7 along with Machi. He makes his official appearance in Volume 9 when he meets Yuki.
  • Kakeru is always fascinated by the Sohma family's beauty, as he is occasionally seen asking different Sohma family members their secret to their handsomeness.
  • Kakeru adores Ayame Sohma and Mine Kuramae, and calls Ayame for "Commander" and Mine for "Deputy Commander".
  • He bears a striking resemblance to the boy Saki Hanajima almost killed in preschool whilst trying to feed her a live newt. Whether this is coincidence or not hasn't been specified.



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