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Kazuma's Grandfather
Kanji 藉真の祖父
Rōmaji Kazuma no Sofu
Gender Male
Hair Color Orange
Eye Color Orange (Manga, 2019)
Dark Brown (2001)
Cursed Year Cat
Professional Status
Affiliation Sohma Family
Spouse Unnamed Wife
Children Unnamed Child(ren)
Extended Family Kazuma Sohma (Grandson)
Manga Chapter 34
Anime Episode 25 (2001)
Episode 24 (2019)
Voice Actors
Japanese Isamu Sugaya (2001)
Mitsuru Ogata (2019)
English Brad Jackson (2001)
Bruce DuBose (2019)

He is the late grandfather of Kazuma Sohma, who was previously the Cat of the Chinese Zodiac before Kyo Sohma.


He was a man in his old age with short, softly cropped, bright orange hair and a pair of matching orange eyes.


He was a calm man who was described as being very kind and forgiving. He never held grudges against people, even when they treated him terribly.[1]


He was born as the Cat of the Chinese Zodiac and it is therefore implied that, like the previous and future generations, he was ostracized by the Sohma Family and served the purpose of being the scapegoat of the Zodiacs. He was eventually locked up in the Cat's Room at an unspecified time, and spent every day of his life there.

S1E24-2019 (138)

Kazuma's grandfather locked up in the Cat's room.

He married a woman who cared for him and bore his children, though their relationship was never made public. The woman only had a child with him because she found him "piteful." Despite this, he was estranged from most of his immediate family, slandered by relatives, and overall treated horribly.

The first time Kazuma met his grandfather, the gentleman offered him candy. Kazuma, thinking it was "cursed", refused. However, his grandfather, being the kind man he is, only smiled and forgave him.[1]

He eventually passed away, and his wife attended his deathbed. There, someone asked how she could do so much for the Cat, to which she answered that she had done it all out of pity.[2] Kazuma, who overheard this and suffered by his own guilt of treating his grandfather the way he did, he took in the next Cat, Kyo, as his own son. He wanted to see in which his grandfather and Kyo saw the world as, both being cursed by the Cat.[1]


  • He shares his 2001 English voice actress with Motoko's Mother and Evil Man, both in the 2001 Anime.
  • According to Kazuma, his grandfather used to feel weak and ill during rain, because the Cat Spirit's true form hated the rain as well.



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