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Kinu Sohma
Kinu Sohma-Another
Kanji 草摩 帛
Rōmaji Sōma Kinu
Also known as Kii-kun (by Sora)
Gender Female
Age 19 or 20
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Purple
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Affiliation Unnamed College
Sohma Family
Parents Hatori Sohma (Father)
Mayuko Shiraki (Mother)
Extended Family Unnamed Maternal Grandmother
Unnamed Maternal Granfather
Unnamed Parental Grandparents
Manga Another Chapter 4
Voice Actors

Kinu Sohma (草摩 帛, Sōma Kinu) is one of the reccuring characters of Fruits Basket Another. She is the daughter and only child of Mayuko and Hatori Sohma.

Kinu is a college student who currently resides in Shigure's old house with her relatives Hajime and Mutsuki.


Kinu is a tall, young woman with fair skin and a boyish-looking face. She closely resembles her father, sharing the same sharp, facial features and purple eye color. However, she has long, straight light brown hair, which she inherited from her mother. She either leaves her hair untied, or into a low, messy ponytail.


Kinu enjoys sleeping and lazing around. She is also aloof and carefree.

Story Overview

Fruit Basket Another

When Mitoma visits the Sohma house for the first time, Kinu wakes up and greets her and the Sohma relatives.

Later, Kinu asks the high school Sohmas on how their school life is, before Michi asked about her college life.


Hajime and Mutsuki Sohma

They live in the same house and get along very well. Both boys view Kinu as their older sister, calling her "Kinu-nee". Although they know that Kinu doesn't act much like an older sister since Hajime, in particular, takes care most of the housework, they support Kinu in her studies and helps her out, understanding that she is tired most of the time. They also see her as the reliable adult in the house, and often goes to her for advice.


  • Despite her father being a doctor and her mother being a teacher, Kinu has no wish to follow their footsteps.



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