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Komaki Nakao
Komaki Nakao
Kanji 中尾 小牧
Rōmaji Nakao Komaki
Also known as Meat ☆ Angel (by Kakeru)
Gender Female
Age 17-18
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Parents Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Spouse Kakeru Manabe (Husband)
Children Michi Manabe (Daughter)
Kou Manabe (Son)
Extended Family Unnamed Father-in-law
Unnamed Mother-in-law
Unnamed Brother-in-law
Machi Kuragi (Sister-in-law)
Mutsuki Sohma (Nephew-in-law)
Manga Chapter 112
Anime Season 2, Episode 17 (Mentioned)
Winning because the other person has it worse than me… something like that doesn’t make me happy at all!

—Komaki Nakao[1]

Komaki Nakao (中尾 小牧, Nakao Komaki) is a minor character in the Fruits Basket series.

She is Kakeru Manabe's girlfriend since middle school who attends a different high school from him. She is tragically linked to Tohru Honda, as Komaki's father and Tohru's mother died in the same car accident.

In Fruits Basket Another, she is married to Kakeru and the mother of Michi and Kou Manabe.


Komaki is a slim girl with an average height, who is noted to be very cute. She has straight

lower chin-length hair styled into a bob with a fringe that frames her round eyes.

Her school uniform consists of a white shirt and a black tie with an unbuttoned jacket on top. It also consists of a short black skirt, shin-length stockings, and a pair of brown loafers. Outside of school, Komaki is seen in light-colored, baggy, and oversized clothes.


Komaki is a very sweet, social, kind, expressive, and cheerful girl who cares about others deeply, even people she doesn't know. This is especially seen when she was incredibly angered and saddened by Kakeru's harsh words towards Tohru, a girl she barely even knew, stating that putting two people's sadness on a scale to see which one has it worse, didn't make her happy at all. Nonetheless, she is quick to accept other people's faults and even if she doesn't understand certain situations, she does her best to support other people.

Komaki is described to be very air-headed and gullible, believing everything Kakeru says despite his history of teasing her by telling her falsehoods. One example is when Komaki believed Kakeru when he told her that Yuki Sohma was a girl who had to dress as a boy due to family issues. However, Komaki sometimes has a bit of a temper as well, shown when she reacts strongly when Kakeru teases her or calls her weird nicknames, to which she responded by hitting him on the head.[1]

Komaki also loves meat, even in adulthood, to the extent that it sometimes appears she cares about meat more than Kakeru.[2] Because of this, Kakeru jokingly calls Komaki his "Meat ☆ Angel".

Story Overview[]

Pre-Fruits Basket[]

When Komaki was in middle school, she was classmates with Kakeru, and fell love in with him at some point. Kakeru, even though he seemed to have feelings for her as well, was distant with her and everyone else and difficult to approach due to his home situation. But when his home situation worked out for the better, he became the person he is now, and thus reciprocated Komaki's feelings, and they soon began dating.

When Komaki was a freshman in high school, her father was involved in a car accident that killed him instantly. Kyoko Honda, Tohru's mother, was hit by the car as well and quickly passed away after. This caused Komaki great grief, but she sympathized with Tohru and visited her to burn some incense for her mother. Kakeru tagged along as well, and when Komaki was paying her respects inside, he coldly confronted Tohru and told her that she didn't deserve all of the pity, as Komaki was grieving too.[3] When Komaki later found out about this, she was greatly hurt and began crying, as she didn't want Kakeru to compare her and Tohru's sadnesses and put them on a scale. After this, Kakeru realized how insensitive his remarks were, and began changing himself due to wanting to see things from Komaki's perspective.[1]

Fruits Basket[]

Third Year Arc[]

While Kakeru has confessed that he has a girlfriend on several occasions, Komaki is first officially seen when she greets Kakeru after school. They go to Komaki's house to have dinner together, where Kakeru tells her that Tohru finally remembered him. Komaki asks him if she picked yet another fight with her, but Kakeru denies this, joking that he would take off his clothes to prove it. This makes Komaki laugh.[3]

Some days later, Kakeru invites Yuki to meet Komaki. When Komaki sees Yuki, she happily greets him and tells him that she is ready to help him out in any way she can. Yuki is naturally very confused and Komaki realizes that Kakeru had only joked about Yuki dressing as a boy at school due to personal reasons, to which she becomes angry with Kakeru and apologizes to Yuki. Later, when Kakeru goes to change, Komaki confides in Yuki that Kakeru is the same he at home as he is at school, but that he wasn't always that way. She also mentions that despite their fights, she thinks they are important too and that she loves him dearly. Kakeru reveals himself to have overheard their conversation, which leaves Komaki bashful, and she quickly starts making grilled meat for dinner.

Komaki and Kakeru later see Yuki off, whereupon Komaki tells Kakeru that she had a lot of fun and that she would like to see him again. Kakeru tells Komaki that she will, since he has a feeling they will be around each other for a long time due to Yuki and Machi Kuragi's budding romance. Komaki laughs, and the couple soon shares a kiss. Later, when Kakeru's mother returns from work, she is angry to hear from Komaki that Yuki visited and that he is very beautiful. Kakeru and his mother get into a fight about Kakeru not introducing her to Yuki, to which Komaki tells them that the landlord is going to get mad again.[1]

Shortly before graduation, Komaki, Kakeru, and Yuki meet up and talk about their futures. Kakeru reveals that he initially intended to start working at Komaki's family business (they own dry cleaner's), but Komaki encouraged Kakeru to attend college instead and have many different experiences. When Kakeru jokes about cheating on with a coed which is also an “experience”, Komaki brushes this off and tells him that she has never worried about him doing anything like that. Kakeru is pleased to hear this, and tells Yuki that the are stupidly in love. Machi later arrives with meat, which makes Komaki overjoyed. When Machi punches the meat into Kakeru's face for saying something inappropriate about her relationship with Yuki, Komaki screams out in fear for the meat's safety. Yuki is surprised to realize that the meat is the only thing Komaki cares about.[2]

Fruits Basket Another[]

At some point, Komaki married Kakeru, having two children by the names of Michi Manabe and Kou Manabe between them. They live in town, and according to her daughter, their family has a tradition of eating meat from morning until night on the 29th of every month. She adds that Komaki gets awfully depressed in February.[4]


Kakeru Manabe[]

Komaki and Kakeru

Komaki and Kakeru.

She is very in love with Kakeru, whom she had been friends with in middle school and eventually fell in love with him. She thought her feelings were one-sided until Kakeru reciprocated her feelings, and as so they have been dating since middle school. They have a very loving relationship where both of them always support each other and tries the best for the opposite party, but there are also times where Kakeru likes to mess with Komaki. At these times she usually runs after him and hits him when she catches up. They seem to live together; as their parents are practically never home. Komaki states that despite their occasional fights, they have some meaning behind them and make them even stronger together.

In Fruits Basket Another, they are revealed to be married and have two children together.

Tohru Honda[]

Although they are never seen talking directly to one another, they seem to worry about each other's well beings, for the fact that both lost one of their parents in the same accident. Kakeru thought that Tohru was being insensitive to Komaki's feelings and felt that she thought she was the only one who deserved to be pitied, so at Kyoko Honda's funeral, he confronted Tohru telling her that she disgusted him for this reason. When Komaki found out about it, though, she became very upset at her boyfriend for his own insensitivity and that he shouldn't just decide who was more miserable.

Yuki Sohma[]

Yuki and Komaki can relate to each other fairly well as both are targets to Kakeru's constant teasing. They seem to have a good friendship, as Komaki wishes for Yuki to visit her and Kakeru more often. Yuki finds Komaki to be very cute and Komaki thinks that Yuki is very pretty and kind. When she first met Yuki, she thought that he was a girl, because Kakeru told her that he was a crossdresser. When she realized the truth, both Yuki and Komaki chased Kakeru and hit him, and a highly embarrassed Komaki profusely apologized for the error.


  • The name Komaki means 小 (ko) meaning "small, little, short" combined with 巻 (maki) meaning "a scroll or book".
  • Nakao(naka) meaning "middle" and 尾 (o) meaning "tail, end".


  • She loves meat more than anything, causing Kakeru to call her his "Meat ☆ Angel". It is stated that she can eat steak for breakfast and never gets tired of it.
  • Komaki's son, Kou, will presumably inherit her title as the "Meat ☆ Angel".
  • She seems to have a part-time job.
  • Her appearance in the 2019 anime was skipped over in the adaptation.



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