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Kyoko's Father
Kanji 今日子の父
Rōmaji Kyoko no Chichi
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Professional Status
Occupation Buissnessman
Spouse Unnamed Wife
Children Kyoko Honda (Estranged Daughter)
Extended Family Tohru Honda (Granddaughter)
Hajime Sohma (Great-grandson)
Unnamed Great-grandson
Unnamed Great-granddaughter
Katsuya Honda (Son-in-law)
Kyo Sohma (Grandson-in-law)
Manga Chapter 90
Anime Fruits Basket -prelude-
Voice Actors
Japanese Hiroki Maeda
English Phil Parsons

He is the estranged father of Kyoko Honda.


He is an adult man in his middle age with straight, ear-length, and dark-colored hair, neatly slicked to the side. His eyes are always seen being obscured by a shadow. During his appearances, he is seen wearing simple shirts with ties.


Kyoko describes her father as a cold man who cared very little about his family. He was abusive and would regularly berate Kyoko, and it is also implied that he was short-tempered and directed his anger towards his wife as well. He had a strong philosophy on life that there are only people who are needed, and people who aren’t, in the world, and deemed his daughter as the latter.[1] He seemed to be selfish and prioritized the outward appearance of their family rather than the well-being of his family, and thus had no problem disowning Kyoko when she didn’t turn out the way he wanted to, and is only willing to cooperate if it means that it will not burden him.[2]


At an unknown point, he married his wife and had their daughter Kyoko. Both parents were incredibly cold; Kyoko mentions that they never went anywhere as a family, never ate meals together, and she didn’t have a single memory of being held by them. Feeling lonely from their neglect, Kyoko fell into the wrong crowd and became a violent delinquent by the time she started middle school. Because of this, her father would regularly berate her and sometimes physically abuse her, mentioning that he was ashamed to have her as his daughter and didn’t want her to “darken his doors”.[1]

When Kyoko returned back home after being hospitalized, she found her father dropping a bag of her belongings in front of her and declaring that he was disinheriting her and disowning her altogether. Katsuya Honda suddenly turned up and gave them a lecture for choosing to banish their daughter because she “didn't turn out the way they wanted”. He then confessed that he wanted to marry Kyoko and asked if her father objected, which he didn't since he no longer considered Kyoko his daughter. Katsuya told him that he might need him in order to fill in the paperwork, and Kyoko’s father agreed as long as he wasn’t burdened by it and never had to see Kyoko again.[2]

When Katsuya died, he called once and told Kyoko that neither she nor Tohru Honda were welcome in their home.[3]


Kyoko Honda[]

He was an incredibly cold man who neglected Kyoko for most of her childhood; Kyoko mentions that he hardly even looked at her. When Kyoko began involving herself with the gangs, her father was ashamed, and would sometimes physically abuse her as well as regularly berate her— calling her an unnecessary existence in the world.[1] Even when Kyoko wanted to turn her life around for the better, he called it quits after she was hospitalized and later disowned her completely, confessing that he doesn’t view her as his daughter and didn’t care whether she lived or died. He was also baffled and shocked to hear that Katsuya wanted to marry Kyoko, and questioned his taste in women.[2] Even after many years, his hatred towards Kyoko never ceased, as the only time he called her was when Katsuya died and he reminded her that neither she nor her daughter were welcome in their home.[3]


  • His name is never mentioned.



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