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Kyoko's Mother
Kanji 今日子の母
Rōmaji Kyoko no Haha
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Professional Status
Occupation N/A
Spouse Unnamed Husband
Children Kyoko Honda (Estranged Daughter)
Extended Family Tohru Honda (Granddaughter)
Hajime Sohma (Great-grandson)
Unnamed Great-grandson
Unnamed Great-grandaughter
Katsuya Honda (Son-in-law)
Kyo Sohma (Grandson-in-law)
Manga Chapter 90
Anime Fruits Basket -prelude-
Voice Actors
Japanese Misa Ishii
English Alicyn Packard

She is the estranged mother of Kyoko Honda.


She is a fair-skinned woman in her middle age with straight, nape-length black hair and bangs forming an “M-shape”, tucked behind her ears. Her eyes are always seen being obscured by a shadow. During her appearances, she is seen wearing simple blouses and long skirts.


Kyoko describes her mother as a woman who only cares about her husband and the outward appearance of their family. Because of this, she was very distant and cold towards Kyoko and never spent time with her. Although she was milder in how she treated Kyoko in comparison to her husband, she expressed great shame and sadness over the way Kyoko had turned out, not for Kyoko’s sake, but because she was afraid of her husband getting angry at her again and the neighbors gossiping about their family.[1]


At an unknown point, she married her husband and gave birth to Kyoko. Both parents were incredibly cold; Kyoko mentions that they never went anywhere as a family, never ate meals together, and she didn’t have a single memory of being held by them. Feeling lonely from their neglect, Kyoko fell into the wrong crowd and became a violent delinquent by the time she started middle school. Because of this, her father would regularly berate her and sometimes physically abuse her, all while her mother watched from the background, wept, and questioned why she had turned out the way she did. Kyoko at one point screamed at her mother that she shouldn’t have given birth to her and that she didn’t ask to be born, horrifying her.[1]

When Kyoko was hospitalized due to leaving her gang, Katsuya Honda called Kyoko’s mother and she told him the date that Kyoko was going to be discharged. After Kyoko returned back home, her mother watched from the background as her father dropped a bag of her belongings in front of her and declaring that he was disinheriting her and disowning her altogether. Katsuya suddenly turned up and gave them a lecture for choosing to banish their daughter because she “didn't turn out the way they wanted”. He then confessed that he wanted to marry Kyoko and asked if her father objected, which he didn't since he no longer considered Kyoko his daughter. This made Kyoko’s mother a bit worried, and she restrained her husband the best way she could.[2]

When Kyoko later found out that she was pregnant, she thought back to the time where she told her mother that she didn’t ask to be born, and is shocked to realize that she could actually say something like that to her mother, and wonders how she felt when she heard that.[3]


Kyoko Honda[]

She was a very cold mother towards Kyoko and rarely spent time with her, instead focusing on her husband and their family’s reputation. When Kyoko became a gang leader, her mother was deeply saddened, ashamed, and couldn’t comprehend why she had turned out the way she did.[1] However, her reasons were selfish, since she didn’t truly care about Kyoko and only wanted to uphold her family’s good appearance. Despite this, she is shocked and saddened to hear Kyoko told tell that she didn’t want to be born, and she seemed to be reluctant to disown her altogether as opposed to her husband.[2]


  • Her name is never mentioned.



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