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Mayuko's Mother
Kanji 杞紗の母
Rōmaji Mayuko no Haha
Gender Female
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Light Brown
Professional Status
Affiliation Shiraki Books
Spouse Unnamed Husband
Children Mayuko Shiraki (Daughter)
Extended Family Hatori Sohma (Son-in-law)
Kinu Sohma (Granddaughter)
Manga Chapter 57
Anime Season 2, Episode 12
Voice Actors
Japanese Sayuri Sadaoka
English Alex Moore

She is the mother of Mayuko Shiraki. She manages a bookstore named Shiraki Books along with her husband, where Mayu sometimes helps out.


She is a short and full-bodied woman in her middle age with a few age marks around her mouth. She has straight light brown hair which reaches down to her nape, along with straight bangs covering her forehead. She wears a pair of oval-shaped glasses which she wears over her light brown eyes.


She is a kind mother who gets along with her daughter, Mayuko. She also pesters her quite a lot since she wants her to get married, afraid that she will be left alone after she and her husband passes away. She is also noted to be good at manipulating her feelings, as she can cry to make Mayu sympathize with her, and become happy a few seconds later if a customer arrives at her shop.[1]

Story Overview[]

After her husband catches an aggravated summer cold, she stays by his side in the hospital. For this reason, Mayu is forced to watch over their family bookstore, Shiraki Books, which Mayu mentions is more like her parent’s hobby.[2]

S2E12-2019 (327)

Mayuko's mother tells her to settle down.

The next day, she helps Mayu out in the bookstore and hands her the book Mayu’s ex-boyfriend, Shigure Sohma, had ordered. She asks Mayu why she hasn’t married Shigure yet, and Mayu annoyingly tells her mother that she and Shigure are already broken up. She then tells Mayu that she should settle down soon or even attend some marriage interviews, all of which Mayu rejects. She begins crying since she and her husband are worried that Mayu will be alone if both of them pass away, especially since her husband is in hospital. However, when she hears that a customer arrives in the shop, she quickly goes back to her cheerful self, and Mayu realizes that she had only faked her tears. When she realizes that the customer is Hatori Sohma and that Mayu seems to have a connection to him, she excitedly asks Mayu if he is her new boyfriend, and Mayu drags him out to avoid her mother’s embarrassing comments.[1]



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