Megumi Hanajima

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Megumi Hanajima

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Gender Male
Age 13
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Purple
Year Ox
Professional Status
Occupation Teacher (FB Another)
Affiliation Kaibara Municipal High School
Parents Unnamed Parents
Siblings Saki Hanajima (Older Sister)
Extended Family Unnamed Grandmother
Rio Mosuka (Nephew)
Manga TBA
Anime TBA
Voice Actors
Japanese Omi Minami
English Holly Townson
Megumi Hanajima is Saki Hanajima's younger brother, although Saki and Megumi are almost like twins; they only wear black, and food is almost always on their minds. Megumi looks up to Saki.


Megumi wears all black, like his elder sister (as noted by the Prince Yuki Fan Club). He has a striking resemblance to Saki, despite it being shown in Saki's flashback that she denied looking anything like him.


He also has a rather ominous personality, and is very serious for his age. His favorite food is odango. He has always cared about Saki, and any friend of Saki's is his friend.

Story Overview


When Saki was deemed a witch at school, he prays for the one person that would love her and accept her easily to hurry and find Saki. He tells Saki also that she should not keep quiet at everything, but Saki said she does so as she had committed a sin. Eventually, the prayer came true for Tohru and Arisa enters her life, accepting her for who she is despite her powers and background.

Before Summer Vacation

Visiting the Hanajima House

Saki and Megumi are alike in almost every way, even more so on inner traits than outer. Saki usually tells people that she and Megumi don't look alike. Once, the Prince Yuki Fan Club were visiting her to find out her weakness since they consider her as Tohru's main weapon against them for Yuki's affection, and the president tells her that she and Megumi look so much alike, she replies, "No, I don't think so".

He eavesdropped the Prince Yuki Fan Club members' conversation and succeeds in learning their individual names. When he talked to them with Saki, he said that forcing love on someone is not supposed to be taken lightly and the other party might not like it.

Saki told them that Megumi had cursed the three of them, and told them that the curse would take effect in 3 days. However, this may have been just to scare them, as there was no change in them.

During Summer Vacation

Visiting Arisa at work

Arisa Uotani told him he sounded like a lecherous old man when he said her mini-skirt looked good on her.

Truth of Kureno Sohma

Together with his sister, they fetch and rescued a stunned, crying Tohru (after learning more about Kureno) on a pavement and bring her to their house to rest.

Fruits Basket Another

Megumi has become a teacher at the high school that Sawa Mitoma attends and is her homeroom teacher.


Like his elder sister, Megumi possesses supernatural powers. However, Megumi cannot read "waves" like Saki, but he can curse people by simply knowing their names. For this reason, when the Prince Yuki Fan Club visited the Hanajima residence to spy on her, Saki warned them not to say their names (which they do not abide, as Megumi overhears them).

Apparently, his curse activates after 3 days; whether this is true or not is unknown.


  • "Me? Poison waves? Oh, no. All I can do is curse people."
  • "You don't understand that there are times when true love will be a source of pain, and one that you must accept. Because to truly love someone, is to put their feelings before your own, no matter what. Keep putting yourself first, and you will only succeed in pushing them away."



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