Mine Kuramae

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Mine Kuramae

Kanji 倉前 美音
Rōmaji Kuramae Mine
Gender Female
Age 20-23
Weight 119
Hair Color Brown (Anime)
Black (Manga)
Eye Color Brown
Year Snake
Professional Status
Spouse Ayame Sohma (Husband)
Children Hibika Sohma (Daughter)
Chizuru Sohma (Son)
Extended Family Unnamed mother-in-law
Yuki Sohma (Brother-in-law)
Mutsuki Sohma (Nephew)
Unnamed Grandfather (deceased)
Manga Chapter 36
Anime Episode 20 (2001)
Voice Actors
Japanese Miki Takahashi
English Amber Cotton
Mine Kuramae (Pronounced as Mee-nay in the English version, Mee-neh in the Japanese) works for Ayame as a seamstress in his costume shop. It is hinted at that she knows of the zodiac curse. She lives in an apartment above the store.


Mine has a brown hair and eyes. She keeps her hair in two braids and rests it on her shoulder. She also wears eyeglasses. Tohru Honda once asked if her maid costume is her uniform in Ayame Sohma's shop, but said that she just wants to wear it since it's cute. She also says she wears whatever she wants, depending on her mood.


She is shown to be a cheerful, kind and enthusiastic woman that Natsuki Takaya describes her as "an amazing person" to be able to keep up with Ayame. Whenever she sees a cute girl she instantly has to dress her up. She cares for Ayame very much, and it is shown in the anime when Yuki goes to meet Ayame, and she pulls Tohru to dress her up and to give the two bonding time.

Story Overview

Before Summer Vacation

Mine is first introduced when Yuki and Tohru were brought into Ayame's costume shop. She gets excited and take measuring Tohru in hopes to prepare costumes for her.

After Summer Vacation

Mine tells Ayame to not mind the youngsters. She then proceeds on create costumes.

When the curse broke, Ayame proceeded to embrace Mine, telling her that he had wanted to say something for a long time. Mine grabbed his arm, prepared to hear whatever he would be saying.

Fruit Basket Another


Ayame Sohma

Mine's relationship with Ayame is unique in the Sohma family due to them appearing to be long term lovers but with no repercussions by Akito, whether Akito knows about their relationship or not is debatable but seeing as how Yuki easily sussed their relationship (much to Ayame's embarrassment) it would be easy for Akito to figure it out if they ever bothered with Ayame.

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Mine as she appears in the anime with Ayame.

It is never stated whether she is aware of Ayame's curse seeing as when Yuki inquires about their relationship (especially concerning embracing) Ayame doesn't even turn the conversation into something dirty but changes the subject quickly, instead. In the end of the manga, Ayame confesses his love for Mine when he realizes his curse is broken.

Mine is a friendly and perky young woman who works with Ayame in his costume shop and apparently has an obsessive compulsion to forcibly dress up any girl she deems "cute" such as with Tohru or when they were helping with Kaibara high's school play: Sorta Cinderella. She refers to Yuki as Otou-Kun (little brother) off the bat showing a very friendly and familiar demeanor.

Yuki Sohma

Tohru Honda


  • According to Ayame, Mine is someone he "can confide in".


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