The following is a list of all minor characters from Fruits Basket series. These characters have very little information and screen time, but enough information was given to make a page about them.

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Arisa's Father

Gender: Male Male Voiced by:
Masashi Nogawa (Japanese)
Josh Martin (English)

Arisa's Father-Manga

S1E16-2019 (240)

He is the father of Arisa Uotani. He became an alcoholist after his wife left him for another man. He also became a single father, but did not pay attention to his daughter at all and only made some pre-made meals for sometimes. He did not bother to meddle in her business as a former delinquent.

However, after Arisa met and became friends with Kyoko Honda and Tohru Honda, Arisa and her father have restored their relationship and gets along well as father and daughter. He is also recovering from his alcohol addiction but is sometimes scolded by his daughter for drinking too much.

He does not appear in the 2001 anime, and first makes his debut in Episode 8 of the 2019 version.


Arisa's Mother

Gender: Female Female

Arisa's Mother-Manga

Arisa's Mother-2019

She is the mother of Arisa Uotani. She left her husband and daughter for another man when her daughter was very young, leaving Arisa with a hatred towards her.

She first appears in Chapter 40 of the manga and Episode 16 of the 2019 anime.



Gender: Female Female Voiced by:
Kaori Maeda (Japanese)
Kristen McGuire (English)
Chie-2019 Chie (チエ) is one of members of Prince Yuki Fan Club.

She does not appear in the 2001 anime, and makes her first appearance in Chapter 39 of the manga, and Episode 3 of the 2019 version.


Hatsuharu's Mother

Gender: Female Female
Hatsuharu's Mother-Manga She is the mother of Hatsuharu Sohma and the parental grandmother of Sora and Riku Sohma.

Haru describes her as a woman who cares a great deal about her appearance. It is unknown which kind of relationship she shares with her son, but she and her husband didn't do anything when Haru was getting ridiculed by the Sohmas for being born as the Ox. They did, however, put him into martial arts when they noticed his uncontrollable anger as a child.

She is first mentioned after Haru destroyed his classroom in a fit of rage, in which Haru states that she takes a long time to arrive at places, in this case, the school, since she is busy putting on makeup and focusing on her appearance. She is later seen knocking on Haru's door and asking him if he's awake, since he had a phone call waiting for him.

She is mentioned in Chapter 14 and Chapter 43, but makes a minor appearance in Chapter 106.

Hajime's Wife

Gender: Female Female Voiced by:
Rei Mochizuki (Japanese; Drama CD)
Hajime's Wife She is the future wife of Hajime Sohma and the mother of his child. She is the daughter-in-law of Tohru and Kyo Sohma.

During her debut, she is seen baking a cake in their home. Her daughter arrives and questions her mother about her grandparent's whereabouts, and h mother scolds her for referring to her grandparents by their names. Hajime, who was helping out in the kitchen, tells her that Tohru and Kyo are taking a walk in the garden. Hajime, his wife, and daughter talk fondly about their love, noting that they are as "lovey-dovey" as ever.

She makes her first and only appearance in Chapter 136.

Isuzu's Parents

Gender: Female Female

Male Male

Isuzu's Parents They are the estranged parents of Isuzu Sohma. They were initially shown to be loving and caring parents who doted on Isuzu, and Isuzu was happy to have good, normal parents despite being cursed by the Horse Spirit. However, she always felt like something was off, so when she was about eight or nine years old, she posed the innocent question to her parents -- "are you really always this happy? Doesn't anything bad ever happen?" -- and this catalyzed a long term and severe physically and emotionally abusive relationship that continued for years until she collapsed in the street and was hospitalized. While she was in the hospital, her mother visited once and briefly in order to tell her she was no longer welcome in their home, since they did not know how to love her anymore. They are never seen again, though their actions traumatized Isuzu deeply.

Their debut is in Chapter 78.


Kakeru and Machi's Brother

Gender: Male Male
Machi and Kakeru's Brother He is the younger half-brother of Kakeru Manabe and the younger brother of Machi Kuragi. He is the successor of his father's fortune due to being a male born to his legally married parents.

Although the details of his character are unknown, he is at least ten years younger than Machi. He lived with Machi for a while until their parents falsely accused her of being jealous of her younger brother and even convicted her of attempting to murder him in his sleep, and therefore kicked her out. In reality, Machi thought he was cold sleeping on the floor, and therefore wanted to cover him with a blanket to keep him warm. In the present time, he lives with both of his parents and doesn't seem to have a relationship with either of his siblings.

His voice is heard in Chapter 94, while he makes a minor appearance in Machi's flashback in Chapter 102.

Kakeru and Machi's Father

Gender: Male Male
Machi and Kakeru's Father He is the father of Kakeru Manabe, Machi Kuragi and an unnamed son. He is the current husband of Machi's mother, and he previously had a romance with Kakeru's mother. He is a very wealthy man, which is evidenced by the fact that his two oldest children were put against each other in an inheritance battle. Their father was never mentioned during the fight, as their mothers pressed their children to be perfect. His youngest son was ultimately picked as the inheritor.

He was part of the decision to banish Machi from their home, as he and his wife saw Machi as a threat towards their younger son. It appears that he does not play an active role in either Kakeru or Machi's lives.

He makes his first and only appearance in Chapter 102 (flashback).

Kakeru's Mother

Gender: Female Female
Kakeru's Mother She is the mother of Kakeru Manabe, whom she had with her previous lover. When the father legally married another woman and Machi Kuragi was born, Kakeru and Machi's mothers got into a heated dispute regarding the matter of which child is going to inherit their father's fortune. Both mothers forced their children to be perfect, but when Kakeru was in middle school, he called it quits and refused to go along on his mother's selfish wishes. Kakeru's mother understood, and both of them withdrew from the inheritance fight.

In the present time, she is stated to work a lot and is therefore not home often. They are shown to have the same degree of temper and regularly get into heated arguments, which leads to complaints from the landlords.

She makes her first and only appearance in Chapter 113.

Kazuma's Grandmother

Gender: Female Female
Kazuma's Grandmother She is the grandmother of Kazuma Sohma and the wife of Kazuma's grandfather, though the fact that they were married was never made public. She married him, cared for him, bore his children, and even attended his deathbed. There, someone asked how she could do so much for the Cat, to which she answered that she did it all out of pity. Kazuma, however, thinks that his grandmother was actually a kind person at heart and did give his grandfather a happy life being together, instead of him just being alone.

She makes her first and only appearance in Chapter 114 (flashback).

Kureno's Parents

Gender: Female Female

Male Male

Kureno's Parents-Manga They are the parents of Kureno Sohma. They were seen discussing about the drastic division that had been created within the Sohma family when Akira Sohma married Ren Sohma. Although the maids were displeased about their marriage, Kureno's mother was fine with it as long both of them were happy.

It is unknown which kind of relationship they share with their son. They were seen to live together when Kureno was younger, but it is implied that Kureno doesn't have much of a relationship with them as an adult.

Their first and only appearances are in Chapter 115 (flashback).

Kyoko's Parents

Gender: Female Female

Male Male

Kyoko's Parents They are the estranged parents of Kyoko Honda and the maternal grandparents of Tohru Honda. Kyoko describes her father as a cold man who never cared about his family, and her mother as a woman who only cares about her husband and appearance. Kyoko also mentions that they were extremely cold and neglectful throughout her childhood, which is why Kyoko became a gang member. Her parents were utterly disappointed in her and deemed her existence as something useless.

When Kyoko got into a gang fight and became hospitalized, both of them wondered why Kyoko had ended up the way she did. They then disowned her and decided to throw her out from their house to live on the streets. However, at that moment, Katsuya Honda showed up and proposed that he would take care of Kyoko and marry her. Kyoko's parents did not really care, as they no longer saw Kyoko as a part of their family. When Katsuya died, they called once and told Kyoko that she and Tohru were not welcome in their home.

Their debut is in Chapter 90.

Makoto's Assistants

Gender: Female Female Voiced by:
Mitsuko Maeda, Rumi Sakura (Japanese, 2001)
Ayaka Asai, Sayaka Kaneko (Japanese, 2019)
Emily Hornsby, Rebecca Paige (English, 2019)

Makoto's Assistants-2001

Makoto's Assistants-2019

They are two female students who are usually seen hanging around the student council president, Makoto Takei. Although they are as strict as the latter, they are also rather timid and easily intimiated by others. After envision an older and more handome version of Momiji Sohma, they became rather attracted him, eagerly waiting for him to enter his growth spurt.

They make their first appearance in Chapter 19 of the manga; Episode 13 of the 2001 anime; and Episode 12 of the 2019 anime.

  • Their names is never mentioned.

Mayuko's Mother

Gender: Female Female Voiced by:
Sayuri Sadaoka (Japanese)

Mayuko's Mother

Mayuko's Mother-2019

She is the mother of Mayuko Shiraki and the maternal grandmother of Kinu Sohma. She runs a bookstore named "Shiraki Books" along with her husband, which Mayuko sometimes helps out in. Her mother is worried about Mayuko being unmarried and hopes that she will marry her "boyfriend" Shigure Sohma. When Mayuko's mother meets Hatori Sohma for the first time, she thinks Hatori will be a good partner to Mayuko, much to her embarassment.

Mayuko's mother is mentioned to take care of her husband due to him catching a summer cold, and thus leaves Mayu to take care of their shop. She is seen being worried about Mayuko being unmarried, since if both she and her husband were to pass away, Mayuko would be all alone.

She makes her first and only appearance in Chapter 57 of the manga, and Season 2, Episode 12 of the 2019 version.


Motoko's Mother


Female Female

Voiced by:
Kazuyo Aoki (Japanese, 2001)
Kyō Yaoya (Japanese, 2019)
Brad Jackson (English, 2001)
Felecia Angelle (English, 2019)

Motoko's Mother-Manga

Motoko's Mother-2001

Motoko's Mother-2019

She is the mother of Motoko Minagawa and the grandmother of Ruriko Kageyama.

She makes her first and only appearance in Episode 22 of the 2001 anime; and Episode 1 of the Season 2 of 2019 anime.


Ritsu's Father

Gender: Male Male

Ritsu's Father-Manga

Ritsu's Father-2001

Ritsu's Father-2019

He is the husband of Okami Sohma and the father of Ritsu Sohma. It is mentioned by Ritsu that when he was young, his father and mother would constantly apologize to people around then due to Ritsu being possessed by the Monkey Spirit. This is one of the factors for Ritsu's self-confidence issues.

Shigure's Parents

Gender: Male Male

Female Female

Shigure's Parents They are the parents of Shigure Sohma and the parental grandparents of Shiki Sohma.

They seem to have a relatively normal relationship with their son. However, they do appear to be bothered and tired of Shigure's easy-going personality and his tendency to do everything in his own way.

During the banquet night, they are seen conversing with Shigure and then trying to convince him to greet to Akito Sohma since she was just coming back from a business. Shigure, however, casually declines and walks away with his editor Mitsuru, leaving both mother and father in disappointment.

They make their first and only appearances in Chapter 101.


Gender: Male Male Voiced by:
Yoshiaki Matsumoto (Japanese)
Sonny Strait (English)
Teacher He is the homeroom teacher of Tohru Honda, Kyo Sohma, Yuki Sohma, Saki Hanajima, and Arisa Uotani. He only appears in the 2001 version of anime, where he acts as the replacement of Mayuko Shiraki.

Tohru and Kyo's Daughter

Gender: Female Female
Tohru and Kyo's Daughter She is the third and youngest child and only daughter of Tohru and Kyo Sohma, as well as the younger sister of Hajime Sohma. She lives together with her parents and other older brother in the countryside, while Hajime is temporarily living in town to attend high school.

The details of her character are unknown, but she seems to be a few years younger than Shiki Sohma. Going by this fact, she should currently be in elementary school age.

She makes a small cameo appearance in Chapter 13 of Fruits Basket Another, where she is seen sitting on her mother's lap and playing with a younger Shiki and his mother, Akito Sohma.


Tohru's Aunt

Gender: Female Female Voiced by:
Keiko Kōmyōji (Japanese, 2001)
Mie Sonozaki (Japanese, 2019)
Cynthia Cranz (English, 2001)
Nazia Chaudhry (English, 2019)

Tohru's Aunt-Manga

Tohru's Aunt-2001

Tohru's Aunt-2019

She is the parental aunt of Tohru Honda, hence, it makes her the sister of Katsuya Honda and the daughter of Tohru's Grandfather. She is married to an unnamed man and has an son and daughter who is older than Tohru.

It's shown in their debut that they're not fond of Kyoko due to life as a yankee and are not that much kinder to Tohru. They believe that Tohru is a lot like her mother and believe she is just as reckless as her.

She first appears in Chapter 6 of the manga, Episode 5 of the 2001 anime, and Episode 5 in the 2019 anime.


Tohru's Female Cousin

Gender: Female Female Voiced by:
Kaoru Suzuki (Japanese, 2001)
Ryōko Maekawa (Japanese, 2019)
Kasey Buckley (English, 2001)
Kristin Sutton (English, 2019)

Tohru's Female Cousin-Manga

Tohru's Female Cousin-2001

Tohru's Female Cousin-2019

She is the cousin of Tohru Honda, as Tohru's father and her mother are siblings. She is older than Tohru.

She appears to be more easy-going compared to the rest of her family, but she isn't too fond of Tohru either.

She first appears in Chapter 6 of the manga, Episode 5 of the 2001 anime, and Episode 5 in the 2019 anime.


Tohru's Male Cousin

Gender: Male Male Voiced by:
Masahito Yabe (Japanese, 2001)
Akinori Egoshi (Japanese, 2019)
Chris Cantrell (English, 2001)
Stephen Fu (English, 2019)

Tohru's Male Cousin-Manga

Male Cousin-2001

Tohru's Male Cousin-2019

He is the cousin of Tohru Honda, as Tohru's father and his mother are siblings. He is older than Tohru.

It is stated that he is studying to become a detective/police officer. He isn't fond of Tohru and was very ignorant regarding her circumstances when Tohru briefly moved back home. However, he was slapped by their grandfather for his ignorant comments.

He first appears in Chapter 6 of the manga, Episode 5 of the 2001 anime, and Episode 5 in the 2019 anime.


Okami's Cousin

Gender: Male Male Voiced by:
Masahito Yabe (Japanese)
Antimere Robinson (English)
Okami's Cousin He is the cousin of Okami Sohma and the first cousin once removed (or uncle) of Ritsu Sohma. He is the Head Chef of Sohma Hot Spring. He is an anime-only character.

He makes his first appearance in Episode 12 of the 2001 anime.



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