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Momiji's Mother
Kanji 紅葉の母
Rōmaji Momiji no haha
Gender Female
Hair Color Light blonde
Eye Color Green
Professional Status
Affiliation Sohma Family
Spouse Unnamed Husband
Children Momiji Sohma (Son)
Momo Sohma (Daughter)
Extended Family Momiji's Wife (Daughter-in-law)
Mina Sohma (Granddaughter)
Unnamed Grandchild
Manga Chapter 23
Anime Episode 15 (2001)
Episode 14 (2019)
Voice Actors
Japanese Azusa Nakao (2001)
Takako Honda (2019)
English Elise Baughman

She is the mother of Momiji and Momo Sohma.


She is a fair-skinned, middle-aged woman with green eyes who is noted to be very beautiful. She has long, wavy, lower-back-length light blonde hair with messy bangs framing her face. She often keeps her hair tied into a neat bang with one lock of hair loose. Both of her children take after her.

During the years following Momiji's birth and the revelation of his curse, his mother's decreasing sanity reflected in her appearance. She looked pale, disheveled, with shadows under her eyes and her long hair loose and messy. The bandages around her forearms imply that she tried to kill herself by slitting her wrists, so she might have scars there.


When Mrs. Sohma is free from having memories of her possessed child, she is seen to be a very kind and caring woman with strong maternal instincts. Although she thinks she has no connection to Momiji, she seems to be fond of him and cares about him anyway.[1] She also loves her daughter and husband dearly.

Around the time Mrs. Sohma had her memories of Momiji wiped out, she had broken down completely and was so depressed that she would rather kill herself than continue living with Momiji as his mother. It wasn't after she forgot about Momiji that she was able to recover and have the gentler personality she has during her appearances.[2]


S1E14-2019 (107)

She tried to commit suicide.

Hailing from Germany, she met her Japanese husband in college and their whole relationship went well until Momiji was born. When people cursed by the Zodiac are born, they are born two months prematurely. When Momiji was born two months early, his mother was very worried, and as soon as she held him, he turned into a rabbit. Following this event, she lost her sanity and rejected Momiji completely; in his words, she rejected "with her entire body". Mrs. Sohma's mind absolutely and completely splintered; she was unable to smile, she would snap whenever she saw him, and even referred to him as "that thing".

S1E14-2019 (114)

She confessed that she regretted giving birth to Momiji.

The situation became so bad that Momiji's mother eventually tried to commit suicide: it's implied that she first slit her wrists (since she the bandages around her arms) and later it's seen that she stabbed herself with a pair of scissors. Momiji's father then concluded that she would never recover unless her memories of Momiji were erased, and spoke to Momiji himself about it. Momiji's cousin Hatori double-checked with the mother if she truly wanted to go through with erasing Momiji from her mind, in which she fully consented, as her biggest regret in life had been giving birth to "that creature".[2]

From then on, Momiji's mother began recovering, and it is mentioned that after two months, she was able to smile again. She and her husband eventually had another child, Momo Sohma.

Momiji has unintentionally met with his mother and younger sister a few times, but his mother just thinks he is someone else's son from the Sohma family and treats him like a family friend. Momo, however, is curious and suspicious of Momiji, once even remarking to her mother that she looks just like him.[3]

Story Overview[]

First Year Arc[]

S1E14-2019 (79)

Momiji talking with his mother.

She and Momo see Momiji at her husband's working building. She asks him what he is doing so late at night, to which Momiji replies that he helping out his friend Tohru Honda. She comically scolds him by saying that it's not a playground, and adds that his mother would be worried if he came home too late. Before parting ways with them to meet up with her husband whom she and Momo had been waiting for, she bids farewell to Momiji and thanks Tohru for her hard work. Tohru later understands that Momiji's mother doesn't have any memories of Momiji, and think he is someone else's child.[2]

Third Year Arc[]

S3E5-2019 (520)

Momiji's mother smiling at Momiji.

After Momiji's curse broke, he visits his mother. She is a bit surprised to see him since he doesn't usually take the route by her house to go to school, and since he had grown up so much. Momiji asks her about Momo, and she replies that Momo is looking forward to their upcoming family trip. She asks if Momiji and his family are going on a trip as well. Momiji is a bit hesitant but does reply that his family will be going on a trip as well. Although Momiji is saddened by the fact that he can't be apart of their family, he decides to move forward and have hope in his future, regardless of the pain he is feeling from the many circumstances around him. Upon seeing his mother's first genuine smile as she tells him to take care, it proves his point to which Momiji is excited to start his life anew.[1]



She is seen to be in a very happy marriage with her husband. They met in college and their whole relationship went well until Momiji's birth, but once they erased Momiji from her memories, they could go back to the loving couple they were.[2]

Momiji Sohma[]

She's said to have been extremely nervous and worried when Momiji was born due to him being her first child and premature, which may have contributed to her extreme breakdown she suffered over finding out about his curse. When she still had memories of Momiji, she absolutely hated him, rejected him with her entire body, and couldn't live life normally because of him. The pain of having given birth to Momiji eventually led her to attempt suicide. When the possibility of having her memories of him erased, she was unhesitant in doing so since giving birth to Momiji was her greatest regret.[2]

After having her memories about him erased, she treats Momiji as a normal person and worries and cares about him, being convinced that he is someone else's child in the Sohma family. Still, she instinctively distances herself from him; for example, she never smiles when she sees him, and when her daughter points out their resemblance between them she firmly denies that he looks anything like her.[3] However, towards the end when Momiji's curse breaks, she genuinely smiles at him for the first time, implying that things are looking brighter.[1]

In Fruits Basket Another, it is implied that they are aware of their familial relationship as mother and son since Momo knows Momiji is her older brother, but the details of their relationship remain unknown.

Momo Sohma[]

She loves her daughter dearly, and it is mentioned that Momo follows her around like a baby chick.[2]


  • She shares her English voice actress with Rika Aida.
  • Her name is never mentioned.



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