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Momo Sohma

Momo Sohma-Manga

Adult Momo Sohma

Momo Sohma-2019

Momo Sohma-2001

Kanji 草摩モモ
Rōmaji Sōma Momo
Gender Female
Age 7 (Fruits Basket)
20s (Fruits Basket Another)
Hair Color Light Brown (2019 Anime, Manga)
Blonde (2001 Anime)
Eye Color Light Brown (2019 Anime, Manga)
Dark Brown (2001 Anime)
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Affiliation Sohma Family
Parents Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Siblings Momiji Sohma (Older Brother)
Extended Family Mina Sohma (Niece)
Momiji's Wife (Sister-in-law)
Manga Chapter 23
Anime Episode 15 (2001)
Episode 14 (2019)
Voice Actors
Japanese Saya Tanaka (2019)
English Megan Shipman (2019)

Momo Sohma (草摩モモ, Sōma Momo) is Momiji Sohma's younger sister. During the events of Fruits Basket, she is unaware about the curse, or that Momiji is her older brother. She reappears in the sequel, Fruits Basket Another, now as an adult.


Momo is a small young girl with blonde hair and golden eyes. She bears a resemblance to her mother, which Momiji remarks on, though it has been pointed out that she resembles Momiji as well.


Momo is shy and quiet, and almost never speaks. According to Momiji, she can't speak Japanese very well so her words come out like a mumble. She wishes that Momiji could be her brother, although she doesn't know that he already is. She took violin lessons, like Momiji, but Momiji's father had to withdraw him from lessons because Momo was asking about Momiji.

Story Overview

Fruits Basket

Second Year Arc

While Momiji explained his past to Tohru Honda, Momo and their mother appeared in the office building. This was Tohru's first "meeting" with Momo.[1]

When Tohru had to go to the main house, who had proceeded to wander around the outside due to nervousness, she found Momo, who said she knew a secret way in. They went into a tunnel in the wall that led to Momiji's backyard. Momo told Tohru that she would come to watch Momiji play violin. Momo explained to Tohru about how she told her mother that Momiji looked just like her. She asked if Tohru would ask Momiji if he wanted to be Momo's brother. Tohru went in and asked Momiji, prompting Momiji to cry from happiness.[2]

Third Year Arc

Fruits Basket Another

Momo reappears in the sequel, now an adult. She is seen picking up her niece Mina Sohma from the batting center. Mina introduces Momo as her father's younger sister and that she is his assistant. Momo tells Mina to hurry since Momiji would be returning back to Japan from his business trip.[3] This confirms that Momo has reconciled with Momiji and knows he is her brother.


Unnamed Parents

Momiji Sohma

Mina Sohma


  • Although it is initially stated that Momo is in her second year of elementary school, Momiji later mentions that his father is troubled as she states her interest in attending Kaibara High School (likely in pursuit of Momiji). He states his idea of intentionally repeating a year so that they can attend the same school. However, this would suggest that Momo is actually only 3 years younger than Momiji, making her 11 or 12 at the very start of the series rather than 7 or 8.
  • She is the first of Sister Sohmas to appear in Fruits Basket Another, the second being Hinata Sohma.



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