Motoko Minagawa

Motoko leader

Motoko face

Gender Female
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Unknown
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Affiliation Kaibara Municipal High School
Parents Unnamed Mother
Children Ruriko Kageyama (Daughter)
Manga Chapter 1
Anime TBA
Voice Actors
Japanese Kaori Shimizu
English Jamie Marchi
Motoko Minagawa is the 3rd year president of the Prince Yuki Fan Club. Her family runs a vegetable shop, but she doesn't really help out. She once raided Saki Hanajima's house with three of her followers, looking for a weakness in her so she could get to Tohru to "protect" Yuki, but her visit was unsuccessful.


Motoko Minagawa has long, light brown hair that falls to her waist, which is always decorated with bows. She is only once seen out of her school uniform.



Motoko confesses to Yuki.

She often writes poetry about her love for Yuki Sohma; she considers Tohru Honda a witch, Arisa Uotani a Yankee, and Saki Hanajima a demon. She also thinks all the rest of the members of the Prince Yuki Fan Club are evil and cruel, and she hates them, but considers herself the most evil, cruel and hated one. She has been able to find her own happiness after confessing to Yuki.

Story Overview



Fruit Basket Another


Yuki Sohma

Although Motoko displays her leadership when accompanied by the Prince Yuki fan club, she seems very shy and much quieter when around Yuki in person. She often gets jealous of another girl being around Yuki, primarially Tohru. She does try her best to keep those feelings out of Yuki's sight for fear that he may end up hating her. Towards the end of her school year, she ends up confessing to Yuki and wishes the best for him. In the anime when face to face with him, she can only think to ask him what he had for breakfast, despite wanting to confess her love for him. She also is very nervous, stutters and talks very fast around Yuki. However, at the end of the episode she tells him she is not going to give up on him as long as there is hope and walks away from him without looking back. 

Tohru Honda

At first, Motoko considered Tohru a witch because she refused to believe that Yuki loved any girl other than herself. After her second real talk with Yuki, she saw him smile and realized that it was because of Tohru that Yuki could smile like that. They then walked away, declaring that if any girl was worthy of Yuki's love, it was Tohru and Tohru alone, and that one day she hoped to be worthy of Yuki's love as well. Even though Motoko does not like Tohru, she still has respect for her.



  • Eventually has a daughter named Ruriko. Her last name is Kageyama.