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Mutsuki Sohma
Mutsuki Sohma Another.png
Kanji 草摩 睦生
Rōmaji Sōma Mutsuki
Also known as Muu-kun (by Sora)
Muu-chan (by Hibika)
Gender Male
Age 17
Hair Color Light Grey
Eye Color Grey
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Affiliation Sohma Family
Kaibara Municipal High School
Parents Yuki Sohma (Father)
Machi Kuragi (Mother)
Extended Family Unnamed Parental Grandfather
Unnamed Parental Grandmother
Ayame Sohma (Paternal Uncle)
Mine Kuramae (Paternal Aunt)
Hibika Sohma (Cousin)
Chizuru Sohma (Cousin)
Unnamed Maternal Grandfather
Unnamed Maternal Grandmother
Unnamed Maternal Uncle
Kakeru Manabe (Maternal Uncle)
Komaki Nakao (Maternal Aunt)
Michi Manabe (Cousin)
Kou Manabe (Cousin)
Manga Another Chapter 1
Whatever happened in the past, we're just us, but… maybe it's really special for our dads to see you and me standing side by side like this.

—Mutsuki Sohma

Mutsuki Sohma (草摩 睦生, Sōma Mutsuki) is one of the deuteragonists of the Fruits Basket Another series. He is the son and only child of Machi and Yuki Sohma.

Mutsuki attends Kaibara Municipal High School as a second-year student, where he serves as the vice-president of the student council during Hajime Sohma's presidency. He lives with Hajime and his other relative Kinu Sohma in the house formerly owned by Shigure Sohma to attend school; a decision he made because he wanted to know what kind of environment his parents spent their time to get where they are now.

While very energetic, cheeky, and eccentric, Mutsuki is an incredibly loving person who cares a great deal about the people around him; Shiki Sohma in particular. Wanting to bring Shiki out of his shell, Mutsuki befriended Sawa Mitoma, the girl who Shiki had always been thinking about, and brought them together. His unconditional support is one of the factors that shaped Sawa and Shiki to become the people they are.


Mutsuki is a young man with a slim and relatively tall build. He is noted by his peers to be very attractive with a prince-like appearance, and is often admired for his looks.

Mutsuki takes after his father's silver hair- and eye color, and his mother's face- and eye shape. Unlike his father, Mutsuki has a blue hue in his otherwise light-grey eyes, and long eyelashes. He has slightly spiked, near shoulder-length hair with messy bangs covering most of his forehead. His hairstyle seems to resemble that of his maternal uncle's.

Mutsuki wears the standard Kaibara High uniform for males with some of his own style, which consists of a dark blue tailored shirt with a light-blue necktie, a yellow sweater on top, and a pair of dark blue trousers and brown loafers.


Mutsuki presents himself as a very charismatic, attractive, level-headed, and considerate student council member. He is seen as a prince by people around him, but unlike his father, Mutsuki does not mind this and rather takes advantage of this, but only when it revolves around his friends. For instance, he used his looks to get Sawa Mitoma out of some tricky situations, such as being stopped by the landlady on the way to school, and when she was scolded by the principal for coming late on her first day. Because of this, he is described to be very sly, and is not above using different methods to achieve what he wants. According to Shiki Sohma, Mutsuki reminds him of his father Shigure, though not to the same extent; even Mutsuki himself states he isn't as sly as Shigure.

Above all else, Mutsuki is similar to his uncles, Ayame Sohma and Kakeru Manabe. He is very outgoing, joking, confident, and mischievous with somewhat of a flirty streak. He loves teasing people and getting on their nerves, and he also finds humor in many things by saying baffling things to people with a straight face, never losing his cool during these situations. He is very outspoken and frank, and is never afraid to speak his mind. He is also quite air-headed and carefree, and like both of his parents, he is terrible at keeping tidy, which he proudly admits that he takes after his them. He acknowledges his inability to keep things clean, but nonetheless has no motivation to change his habits.

Despite his overall carefree, humourous, and unreliable personality, Mutsuki is a deeply caring, loving, and considerate person who is always looking out for the people around him. When he first meets Sawa, he offers her kindness and support, a factor which helped her to eventually to break out of her shell. He loves to show affection to the people dear to him, as he has several times expressed how much he loves his parents and is proud to take after them. He also loves his relatives (the Sohmas and his cousins) dearly, and he is honored and happy to be able to be around them.


Young Mutsuki and Hajime playing.

Mutsuki is the only child born to Machi and Yuki Sohma. Mutsuki grew up in a loving household with warm childhood memories. The memory that sticks out the most is a family tradition where he and his parents would wake up early whenever the snow would pile up, and then make trails of footprints in the snow. Thereafter, they would have breakfast together as a family.

Because Mutsuki's parents are close friends with Kyo Sohma and Tohru Honda, Mutsuki ultimately came to know their son, Hajime Sohma, too. The two would often play together as their parents watched over them. It is also stated that once they entered elementary school, they would have sleepovers at Mutsuki's house. Aside from Hajime, Mutsuki grew up with and became friends with the children of his parent's friends, particularly the Sohma children.[1][2] Additionally, Mutsuki and his cousin Michi Manabe, were raised as siblings.

Yuki cried after Mutsuki's confession.

When Mutsuki entered his first year of middle school, his father told him about the Sohma family and its former Curse, as well as his own history as the Rat. Although Mutsuki was shocked, he appreciated the fact that his father told him about it. Additionally, every suspicion he had about the Sohma family added up; such as witnessing Ren Sohma about to stab Shiki Sohma before Shiki's mother, Akito Sohma, protected him from the attack. He then added how he was glad that he had Yuki and Machi as his parents and that he's happy he gets to live together with them. When Mutsuki described their home as the place he always wants to come home to, Yuki broke down in tears of happiness.[3]

Over time, it is known that Mutsuki became increasingly worried about Shiki, who had begun withdrawing from annual Sohma celebrations. Mutsuki knew Shiki was acting reclusive due to receiving abuse from the older members of the Sohma family, specifically from Ren's side of the family. At one point, Mutsuki witnessed Shiki finding a note in his school bag which read "your mother is human garbage". This made Mutsuki furious and saddened, and wanting to help Shiki, he used Sawa Mitoma as a "bait" to lure Shiki out of his shell.[4]

Story Overview

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At the beginning of the story, Mutsuki saves Sawa Mitoma from the admonishment of Principal Makoto Takei. He then again meet Sawa when she was being scolded by the landlord and saved her, again. Sawa then feels like a burden and promises to do "anything" to help. So Mutsuki took advantage and appointed her as part of the student council. It is later revealed that Mutsuki is Vice President on the student council (under Hajime, the president). Mutsuki is a bit flirty toward Sawa in the beginning (though it's not romantic.) He is then seen talking on the phone with Shiki, assuring him that Sawa is fine and that her days are going to become better. While working, it is revealed that Mutsuki's desk is very dirty, enough to scare people away.


  • Mutsuki inherited a love for the fictional anime Mogeta from his mother. In childhood, he was seen to have a Mogeta plush and a Mogeta alarm clock, and in his teens, he has a Mogeta keychain.[3]
  • Mutsuki is the only one of his relatives that aren't put off by his paternal uncle Ayame Sohma, and even calls him the "most terrific of all uncles".
  • Mutsuki is apparently an extremely bad cook, so much that Hajime has to beg him to not cook (a trait he inherited from his father).
  • Mutsuki likes to garden and has even revived the garden that his father had in his high school days.



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