Okami Sohma

Okami Sohma-2019

Okami Sohma-2001

Okami Sohma-Manga

Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green (2019 Anime, Manga)
Brown (2001 Anime)
Professional Status
Occupation Hostess of Sohma Hot Spring
Affiliation Sohma Family
Spouse Unnamed Husband
Children Ritsu Sohma (Son)
Extended Family Unnamed Cousin (2001 anime only)
Manga Chapter 18
Anime Episode 12 (2001)
Episode 11 (2019)
Voice Actors
Japanese Junko Yamamoto (2001)
Sachiko Kojima (2019)
English Julie Mayfield

Okami Sohma (草摩 大神, Sōma Okami) is the mother of Ritsu Sohma as well as the owner of the Sohmas Hot Spring.


Okami has black hair that she keeps in a messy updo, strands of hair often in her face, with a generally stressed or tired look. Because of her health, she has pale skin that occasionally turns blue, especially in the anime, when she isn't feeling well.


She is very much like Ritsu, both having a poor constitution and apologizing for everything (much like Sawa Mitoma). She is also one of the few Sohma parents who wholly accept their "cursed" child, speaking fondly of not only her Ritsu, but Momiji as well.

Okami is unaware that she frightens others with her, frankly, psychotic bursts of needlessly apologizing over the slightest interpreted wrong. As a result, she causes nothing headaches for the main cast when they visit (primarily Kyo).


When Ritsu was child [1]

Story Overview

Second Year Arc

She is first shown when Tohru, Kyo, Yuki and Momiji go to the Sohma Hot Springs for White Day. Originally, she was worried when she heard that an outsider (Tohru) had come to know of the cursed. After she met Tohru, however, she realized how kind and caring she was, even pointing out how different Kyo and Yuki act, and asks if Tohru would befriend her own son as well, just like she has with Yuki and Kyo.[2][3]

Third Year Arc

Okami's is seen to be alarmed when Ritsu dropped a vase containing water and flowers, not knowing that his curse just broke.[4]

Differences from the source material

  This section contains the overall plot differences between the original manga and the 2001 and 2019 anime of Okami Sohma. As so, all information may not constitute canon material. Click on "Expand" to read.

S1E12-2001 (201)

Okami and her cousin.

In the 2001 anime, Okami has a cousin who is the Head Chef of Sohma Hot Spring. She is seen having the same temper as him, and they are often at each other's throats screaming. She also calls Shigure "Young Master Shigure," which makes Kyo wonder how old she is.

When Tohru, Yuki, Kyo, and Momiji go to the Sohma hot springs resort. They are startled by the hostess of the host springs resort, and she later apologizes repeatedly for her actions. Tohru eventually learns that she becomes lightheaded when in the hot springs bath, especially when Momiji helps her sing with him. After Tohru went in on Hot Spring, she later reveals to Tohru that her son is a member of the Chinese zodiac.[5]


Ritsu Sohma

Okami is very protective of her son, and, as such, worries about him constantly.

Tohru Honda

Okami was slightly wary of Tohru at first due to knowing about the curse, but later warms up to her after getting to know her. She is endeared by her kindness and wants her to become good friends with her son Ritsu.

Momiji Sohma

Momoji seems aware of Okami's bad habit of jumping to conclusions and taking his teasing seriously (as Momoji gives off smiles every time Okamo goes into one of her apologizing rants).

Kyo Sohma

Kyo does not like Okami, who is prone to misinterpreting his words (due to Momoji's childish teasing) and going into ridiculous fits.

Yuki Sohma

Yuki questions if Okami is actually in poor health due to her ridiculous outbursts


  • According to Shigure, Ritsu presumably inherited her personality.
  • Natsuki Takaya stated that Okami had appeared in her previous work as a ghost (but with a different name and role). The character was such an impact that she decided to reuse her.
  • She shares her 2001 English voice actress with Kyoko Honda.
  • She and her husband are also one of the few Sohma parents who wholly accept their "cursed" child.



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