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Rio Mosca
Rio Mosca
Kanji リオ・モスカ
Rōmaji Mosuka Rio
Gender Male
Age 15
Hair Color Black
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Affiliation Unnamed Middle School
Go Club
Parents Unnamed Father
Saki Hanajima (Mother)
Extended Family Megumi Hanajima (Uncle)
Unnamed Grandfather
Unnamed Grandmother
Unnamed Great-Grandmother
Unnamed Great-Grandfather [1]
Manga Another Chapter 7

Rio Mosca (リオ・モスカ, Mosuka Rio) is one of the recurring characters of the Fruits Basket Another series. He is the son of Saki Hanajima.

He is a third-year middle school student and a member of the Go Club along with his friends Shiki Sohma and Chizuru Sohma.


Rio is a teenage boy of average build with a rather tall stature. Overall, Rio takes after his mother's appearance, including her facial features. He has short, black hair with long bangs framing mostly the left side of his face, as well as two cow-licks sticking out from the top of his head. Although it's not noticeable at first glance, Rio has an undercut.[2] His hair is a lighter shade than his mother's, which may come from his foreign father. He has a pair of droopy, purple eyes.


Rio is a friendly, laid-back, and level-headed boy who is understanding of the feelings of those around him, but also smiles very gently at all times.

Story Overview[]

He is first seen visiting Chizuru with Shiki, where Chizuru was seen taking care of his father's shop by himself with Sawa Mitoma as a part-timer.[3]


Shiki Sohma[]

Rio is good friends with Shiki and is always looking out for him. Despite being in different grades, they share common interests and are in the same club. They get along very well despite their different personalities, and Rio states that whatever friend Shiki has, that is Rio's friend too. It can be presumed that since their mothers became close over the years, Rio and Shiki did too.[3]

Chizuru Sohma[]

Rio and Chizuru are good friends as well. He cares about him and his well-being very much, evidenced by the fact that he checked up on Chizuru when he was single-handely taking care of his father's shop, even when Chizuru had asked him not to. They are in the same club at school but different grades, but despite that, they get along well and spend much time outside of school as well.[3]


  • The name Rio means 莉 (ri) meaning "white jasmine" or 里 (ri) meaning "village" combined with 央 (o) meaning "center", 緒 (o) meaning "thread" or 桜 (o) meaning "cherry blossom".


  • According to his uncle, Megumi, Rio did not inherit his mother's mysterious psychic abilities, so it is therefore presumed that Rio is a normal child.[4]



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