Kisa & Hiro This page contains the relationships of Ritsu Sohma, including family, friends and others.


Okami Sohma

Ritsu and his mother are very alike, personality-wise. Although his mother does acknowledge his eccentricities, she loves him dearly and accepts him with the curse and all. She hopes that people will be willing to be his friend.


Tohru Honda

Ritsu and Tohru are friends. Tohru is supportive of Ritsu in spite of his nervous and anxious personality and low confidence, which Ritsu is grateful for. Thanks to Tohru's encouraging words, Ritsu was able to figure out what he wanted to do, which was to find his reason to live, and find that reason in another person.


S1E19-2019 (341)

Ritsu and Mitsuru.

Since Shigure Sohma likes to play with Ritsu's insecurities and gullibility, much as he does with Mitsuru, Ritsu and Mitsuru realize they have this in common when they meet. This makes them be able to empathize with one another, and their similar personalities and struggles were proven to be a factor in their developing friendship. Since both of them are quite insecure and hysterical, they hope that they both will be able to find someone who loves them the way they are and that they'll be able to tell their significant other that they were born for their sake.

When Shigure quit his job as a writer, Ritsu and Mitsuru rejoiced together and Ritsu was "happy" for her sake. As Ritsu tells this to Kagura Sohma, she teases him by asking when the two of them are getting married. In a bonus story in the first fan-book, he and Mitsuru are a couple. Mitsuru states that she is unsure of Ritsu's gender, but still wants to be with him regardless. This proves that they found someone to love the way they wanted to.


Kagura Sohma

Ritsu gets along with very Kagura, as they have been friends since childhood and would often play together. After their curse breaks, they are seen to spend much time together and report their daily lives to one another. While Kagura likes to tease Ritsu about his relationship with Mitsuru, she cares about him and encourages him to be more comfortable with himself. Kagura also lent Ritsu kimonos and female clothing in the past and was supportive of him, but is now trying to help him dress in male clothing.

Shigure, Ayame and Hatori

Ritsu views the Mabudachi Trio as his older brothers and refers to them as such. He appears to have a deep respect towards all of them and likes them equally despite their different personalities. However, he appears to have a special place for Ayame, and wishes to be like and views him as his role model.

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