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Saki's Mother
Kanji 咲の母
Rōmaji Saki no Haha
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Professional Status
Occupation N/A
Spouse Unnamed Husband
Children Saki Hanajima (Daughter)
Megumi Hanajima (Son)
Extended Family Unnamed Father-in-law [1]
Unnamed Mother-in-law
Unnamed Son-in-law
Rio Mosca (Grandson)
Manga Chapter 51
Anime Episode 8 (Cameo)
Episode 22 (Flashback; real introduction)
Voice Actors
Japanese Yumi Kakazu
English Jenny Ledel

She is the mother of Saki and Megumi Hanajima.


She is a fair-skinned woman with brown eyes and matching wavy light brown hair. Her hair falls down to below her shoulders, with two locks of hair framing her face and another piece tied to the back, secured with a white ribbon.


She is quite ditzy but very cheerful, loving, and kind. Although she is unsure of what to exactly do about Saki's situation, she is always trying to help her the best way she can. Despite Saki being the first one in their family having a supernatural power, she and her husband were always supportive, neither overprotective or rejecting. They were always trying to help Saki with her situation such as learning her to control her powers, and they empathized with her, as everything they did was out of their children's best interest. Saki describes her parents as people who understood, supported and said gentle words to her.


S1E22-2019 (110)

Saki being comforted by her parents.

When Saki was getting bullied throughout her whole elementary school years and apparently almost killed a boy with her "waves", and ostracized in her first year of middle school, her parents were by her side through the whole ordeal and decided to move so Saki could get a change of environment and change of schools. Their actions paid off, as Saki met her best friends Tohru Honda and Arisa Uotani who accepted her.[2]

Story Overview[]

First Year Arc[]

She is seen with her family on New Year's Eve, all watching TV.[3]

Second Year Arc[]

S2E15-2019 (43)

Saki and her mother.

She attends the parent-teacher conference with Saki, and is worried when Saki expresses that her only goal for the future is to graduate, and cries for her to take it seriously.[4]


  • Her name is never mentioned.



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