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(about Tohru) When you treasure someone, it can be a little painful to see them find happiness with another and sometimes you may get lonely…but it also can make you happy. (Chapter 29)

Yen Press

I wonder why I can hear the voices within people’s hearts, both family members and strangers. I wonder why I can convey my thoughts without realizing it. Nobody knows, not even me. I was born with abilities. Strange abilities…but even so, my family…they are so kind. Their words are so nice. I don’t want to cause them problems because of my powers. That’s why I do everything I can not to reveal them to other people. (Chapter 51)

Shut up…if I really am a witch, then what are you? Do you think you can do this to me without any consequences? Shut up. I hate you. I really hate you. You should just die. (Chapter 51)

(about Tohru and Arisa) You two were oddballs, even back then. I could hear your inner voices once in a while, and they weren’t all sweetness and light. You both had small, secret voices tucked away, voices that were softly crying. And yet, your warm mood never wavered. (Chapter 51)

(internally) I’m scared…I’m scared. Did I – did I use my power again? Please no…I’m scared. (aloud) Don’t. You mustn’t come near me. I apologize for not telling you. So…please stay away from me. I really do have powers, and I really did almost kill someone. So…stay away. (internally) A sin that can’t be forgotten, a stain that can’t be washed away…I don’t want to hurt anyone again. I should be shunned. That’s what I deserve. (Chapter 51)

(to Kyo, about Tohru) You're taking her away...

To truly love someone, is to always put their feelings before your own… no matter what.

The Three Musketeers Arc

(to Shigure) Shall I ride the public airwaves to beeeep the inside of your head?(Chapter 3)


2001 Anime

(about Yuki and Kyo) A cat and mouse... that's what they're like.

I suggest that you don't say your real names in this house...

2019 Anime

I'll use my waves. So play nice.(Episode 1)

There's something about his waves that I find rather strange.(Episode 1)

The rice is done now, too.(Episode 1)

Pink. The answer is pink! P-I-N-K. She looks good in any color but that one is the best. It fits her.(Episode 16)

Oh, and.. I would advice you never to speak your names while you're in this house, for your safety.(Episode 21

They're not. We're the same gender and we go to the same school. But other than that, they're perfect strangers to me.(Episode 21)

He's an odd child.(Episode 21)

When somebody is important to you, there are times where it can be hard, times when where they may feel lonely... but in the end, it's worth it. Happier, sad, together or apart, my weakness will always be.. Tohru.(Episode 21)

Oh, the curse requires three days to take effect.(Episode 21)

I supposed you'll find out in three days. Well, shall we?Episode 21)

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