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Satsuki Sohma
Kanji 草摩 五月
Rōmaji Sōma Satsuki
Gender Female
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Light Green
Professional Status
Affiliation Sohma Family
Spouse Unnamed Husband
Children Hiro Sohma (Son)
Hinata Sohma (Daughter)
Manga Chapter 54
Anime Season 2, Episode 6
Voice Actors
Japanese Mikako Takahashi
English Erica Mendez

Satsuki Sohma (草摩 五月, Sōma Satsuki) is a minor character of the anime Fruits Basket and Manga series. She is the mother of Hiro and Hinata Sohma.


She is a fair-skinned adult woman of average height and build who is rather youthful. She has a pair of light-green, round eyes and long, wavy light-colored hair which reaches down to her upper back. She is often seen wearing simple long dresses with frills.


Satsuki is shown to be very cheerful and kind-hearted, though she also possesses great intuition and is a lot more aware of Hiro's emotional sore spots than he realizes. At the same time, she is a ditzy, clueless, and air-headed klutz, to the point where Hiro is paranoid she's bound to trip down a flight of stairs.[1] She also thought she had a cold when it turned out she was actually pregnant.[2] Because of this, Hiro acts like a concerned but exasperated parent to her most of the time, and Satsuki herself even remarks about how her son always scolds her.[3] However, her lighthearted tone of voice could also mean she just humors him all of the time.

Satsuki is an anomaly within the Sohma family, specifically among the mothers of children possessed by the Zodiac. She is shown to be endlessly loving and proud of Hiro and is one of the only parents of Zodiac members who openly loves her child, being neither overprotective or rejecting.[4]

Story Overview[]

Second Year Arc[]

It is implied when Satsuki found out she was pregnant with her daughter, she went on doctor-checkups at the Sohma family's doctor, Hatori Sohma.[5] However, Shigure Sohma used this simple fact to mess with Mayuko Shiraki and came up with the lie that Satsuki and Hatori were dating. However, Hatori later cleared up the misunderstanding.[3]

When Hiro had gone to the Sohma cottage, Hiro got a call from his mother who informed him that she was pregnant with Hinata.[6]

She is happily seen walking with her husband in the Sohma estate.[7]

Kisa Sohma decides to follow Hiro home and visit a pregnant Satsuki. When she sees Kisa, she is ecstatic and runs over, worrying Hiro. Kisa asks Satsuki about the baby's gender, but Satsuki says she doesn't care about the gender, because she would love it the same and was confident that her baby would be a sweet child as Hiro is.[1]

Third Year Arc[]

S3E7-2019 (351)

Satsuki's family sharing a group hug.

Satsuki gave birth to her daughter Hinata Sohma sometime after the Sohmas had their summer vacation. When Hiro visits Satsuki and Hinata in the hospital, she explains the origin of Hinata's name and asks Hiro if he wants to hold Hinata, but Hiro declines, explaining that he will transform then. Satsuki assures that even if he does, she will hug both of them close.[4]

After returning back home, it is mentioned by Satsuki that their whole family is happy by Hinata's arrival and that she is the new idol of their home. She also explains that Hiro has already become a very dependable older brother towards Hinata. She is also seen to be worried about Isuzu Sohma's disappearance and expresses her wish for her to meet Hinata.[8]

One morning when Satsuki was about to call Hiro and Hinata for breakfast, she saw that Hiro hugged Hinata and didn't transform, meaning that his curse broke. Satsuki is overjoyed, but when she sees how he vexed he feels about the whole situation, she comforts Hiro by hugging him and Hinata, reassuring him that both the negative and positive feelings he has are valid.[9]


Hiro Sohma[]

Satsuki shares a very loving relationship with her son. Even though he is possessed by the Zodiac and she cannot hug him, she takes it in stride and is shown to be endlessly loving and proud of Hiro, without being overprotective or ashamed of him, and is openly affectionate towards him.[4] This is proved when he transformed after she held him after his birth; she was completely unfazed and just exclaimed that she loved sheep.[2] She is also shown to have a fun relationship with her son, as he often worries about her like an overprotective parent, and she goes along with this, such as responding with a "Yes, sir!" when he tells her to be more careful while she's still pregnant.[1] Despite her easy-going nature, Satsuki understands Hiro very well, especially the emotional turmoil he feels when his curse is broken.[9]

Hinata Sohma[]

Satsuki loves her daughter dearly and is very affectionate with her.[4]

Kisa Sohma[]

Satsuki is very fond of Kisa and gets along with her, and even openly anticipates gaining Kisa as a daughter-in-law.[1]


(about Hiro) I love sheep![2]
(to Hiro) It’ll be fine! Mama will just hold the both of you![4]


  • The name Satsuki means 皐 (satsuki) meaning "shore" or 皐月/五月 (satsuki), or 小 (sa) meaning "little; small" and 月 (tsuki) meaning "moon".


  • Satsuki's name is the traditional Japanese name for the month of May (五月).
  • Satsuki shares a loving relationship with her husband and it was together with him that she came up with both Hiro and Hinata's name, because they wanted "sunny" names for both of their children.[4]
  • She is one of the few Sohma parents who wholly accept their "cursed" child.



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