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Sawa's Mother
Sawa's Mother
Kanji 彩葉の母
Rōmaji Sawa no haha
Gender Female
Professional Status
Occupation Worker
Spouse Unnamed Ex-husband
Children Sawa Mitoma (Daughter)
Manga Another Chapter 8

She is the mother of Sawa Mitoma. Sawa mentions that her mother occasionally disappears without a word, leaving Sawa with no way to contact her. This often leads to complaints from the landlords since Sawa's mother does not pay the rent in time.


She is a fair-skinned and youthful woman with a pair of light-colored eyes and long eyelashes. She has upper-back-length, light-colored, wavy hair with bangs framing her face. She looks like a kind and beautiful woman.


Although she appears as a kind, smiley woman, Sawa's mother is emotionally and verbally abusive towards her. She is very self-centered and says she does everything for Sawa's sake, though she is clearly very terrible towards her. She often degrades her daughter, telling her she does not have the common sense to choose a "normal" outfit, that she is always in the wrong, and that she finds it surprising that her daughter made some friends since everyone apparently "hates her so much". She hates it when Sawa blames her actions on her, and feels like Sawa needs to be indebted to her since she is her mother. She is somewhat shallow.

Sawa's mother usually toys around with Sawa for unknown reasons. Sawa mentioned that her mother is opinionated when it comes to her friends. Usually whenever Sawa would make friends, her mother would say things to her friends behind Sawa's back that would make them feel bad and leave Sawa. She also tends to criticize Sawa on how she doesn't have friends.


Sawa mentions that her parents are divorced. Her mother used to frquently go on dates and leave Sawa behind. Sawa's friends in grade school left Sawa behind due to her mother. One of her friends claimed that one day when they were playing around Sawa's mother came by and said hurtful and abusive things to them, causing them to feel bad and leave Sawa.

Story Overview[]

She appears in many of Sawa's nightmares and flashbacks, and some brief panels, though her official debut is in Another Chapter 8. Sawa wishes her mother wasn't around.


  • Its unknown how she got custody of Sawa, but it's possible her ex wouldn't risk Sawa turning out like her and decided to cut his losses.
  • She is the main opponent of the sequel. Mirroring Akito as the reverse in many ways.


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