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Sawa Mitoma
Sawa Mitoma
Kanji 三苫 彩葉
Rōmaji Mitoma Sawa
Also known as Mitoma-chan
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Affiliation Kaibara Municipal High School
Parents Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father
Manga Another Chapter 1
Voice Actors

From now on, I'll be worth something. From now on, I'll be happy.
- Sawa Mitoma
Sawa Mitoma (三苫 彩葉, Mitoma Sawa) is the main protagonist of Fruits Basket Another and a high school student who has no knowledge of the Sohma Family.


Sawa has brown hair and brown eyes. She wears a traditional sailor suit - similar to the one that Tohru Honda wore throughout her own high school years.


Sawa has severe self-confidence issues, constantly seeing herself as being "in the way" and wishing to be avoided as much as possible.

She considers herself to be a huge burden and often worries about asking for help or favors.

Sawa’s often very apologetic about what she says, and has a tendency to stutter whenever she speaks.

Story Overview



She meets Mutsuki Sohma after running late for a class and then quickly finds herself a member of the student council and slowly becomes more confidant and determined.[1]


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  • She as a habit of looking at her feet when she is nervous
  • She once hurt her elbow after falling and now it grows numb
  • She wrries about being a burden on another but wants to change.


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