Sawa Mitoma
Sawa Mitoma Another
Kanji 三苫 彩葉
Rōmaji Mitoma Sawa
Also known as Sawacchi (by Sora)
Gender Female
Age 16
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Maroon
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Affiliation Kaibara Municipal High School
Parents Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father
Manga Another Chapter 1
Voice Actors
From now on, I'll be worth something. From now on, I'll be happy.

Sawa Mitoma (三苫 彩葉, Mitoma Sawa) is the main protagonist of Fruits Basket Another. She is a nervous, skittish first-year student who attends Kaibara Municipal High School.

Sawa struggles with a multitude of issues, from an abusive mother and lonely household, to serious self-esteem and anxiety problems. She prefers minimal human contact and feels as despite just starting high school, it is already not going well.

However, as she meets Hajime and Mutsuki Sohma and they invite her to join the student council, Sawa slowly starts to grapple with her demons, make friends, and break out of her shell with her new-found support found in the Sohma family.


Sawa is a fair-skinned teenage girl of an average build and a rather short stature with maroon-colored eyes. She has straight, shoulder-length brown hair which she wears in different styles throughout the manga: she either leaves it untied, in two loose pigtails laid on her shoulders, or in a low ponytail. Her bangs mainly cover her forehead, and she has a small cowlick sticking up from the top of her head.


Sawa has severe self-confidence and anxiety issues, constantly overthinking her every move, wishing to be avoided as much as possible, and is a bit fragile. Sawa’s very sensitive to the opinions of the people around her and tries not to stand out, having internalized the idea that she is worthless and a problem to the people around her. She absolutely hates asking for help or favors, and is often very apologetic about what she says and has a tendency to stutter whenever she speaks. This stems from her past, as her "friends" stopped being her friend because they suddenly grew tired of her and wanted herself to figure out what was wrong with her. This has also lead to her blaming herself of the things she is not even responsible for, such as her mother's abusive actions. It is for these reasons, that Sawa mainly spends her days wallowing in self-hatred.

Despite that, as she starts interacting and become friends with the Sohma family and meets new friends, she understands that there are people who will not reject her. She tries her hardest to change and is doing her best to stay afloat in her situation, which is how she ends up on the student council. Although she isn't sure if she is allowed to be selfish or meddlesome because she isn't very good at expressing herself or her thoughts, she is genuinely very kind and can't watch by when someone is struggling. This is seen when she comforted Shiki Sohma, a stranger at the time, when she thought he was feeling unwell. She also interacts with other Sohma family members and feels the embrace of friendship and family for the first time, which inspires and helps her to be less self-deprecating and build her self-esteem.

Despite her painfully awkward personality and tendency to flail around a lot, she begins enjoying education more, regardless of her insecurities. Sawa’s interactions improve also, having clear lines of dialogue between stutters and opening up more about her life to members of the Sohma family. Sawa also starts to apologize less and thank more, and allows herself to smile and enjoy life which she felt unworthy of doing before.

Story Overview

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She meets Mutsuki Sohma after running late for a class and then quickly finds herself a member of the student council and slowly becomes more confident and determined.[1]


  • She as a habit of looking at her feet when she is nervous.
  • She once hurt her elbow after a certain incident, and it now grows numb from time to time.
  • Sawa tends to be late to school, thanks to her inconsiderate landlord stopping her to ask about Sawa's mother paying the rent; additionally, her landlord doesn't know when to shut up, as paying the rent is not Sawa's responsibility, but she ends up getting the earful her mother has coming.



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