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See You Later
S2E15-2019 (454)
Episode Information
Kanji ・・・・行ってきます
Rōmaji Ittekimasu
Air Date July 13, 2020 (JP)
September 28, 2020 (US)
Chapters 71, 72
Staff Information
Director Caitlin Glass, Shawn Gann (Assistant) (US)
Script Bonny Clinkenbeard (US)
Music Information
Opening Home
Ending Eden
I Might as Well Die, Then... Ask Him For Me

See You Later (・・・・行ってきます, Ittekimasu) is the fifteenth episode of the second season of the Fruits Basket 2019 Anime.


Parent-teacher conferences to discuss career plans are underway, triggering various emotions in the students.


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Yuki tells his teacher (Mayu) that his mother needs to reschedule his parent-teacher conference. At Arisa Uotani's meeting, she states her desire to get a full-time job after graduation, thinking about becoming a model since Tohru suggested such. At Saki Hanajima's meeting, she says that her goal is merely to graduate.

For Tohru's meeting, Shigure shows up in a suit with Harajima commenting that she is attracted to him. When Shigure meets Mayu, he is pleased that she appears upset by his presence. Despite outward politeness between the two, Tohru senses how cold the two are being. Tohru states that her goal is to get a full-time job and move out of Shigure's House. Shigure says that she ought to stay and marry him, much to the shock of Tohru and Mayu. He says that he is 28 and ought to marry soon, suggesting to Mayu the same.

After their discussion about Tohru ends, Shigure asks Tohru to leave, saying that he needs to speak with Maru alone about a matter that does not involve her. Shigure tells Mayu that he has fallen for her again, and she says that he has only come to torture her. She asks how he has the nerve to show up wearing Hatori's suit. Shigure is pleased she noticed that detail. He says that if she and Hatori get married, they will be related. He says it is a good thing that they never "got down and dirty" in their relationship.

Mayu tells Shigure that he ought to be more mindful of Tohru, that she tends to be hardworking and selfless and take on too much. Her words remind Shigure of a recent conversation he had with Rin on the same topic. Shigure tells Mayu that he thinks he is doing well by Tohru by his standards, and Mayu tells him that he ought to raise his standards.

Outside of school, Uotani asks Tohru why she is being especially spacey. Tohru says that thinking about the future makes her anxious. Uotani states that she feels similarly, but it helps to stay focused on the present. Tohru reflects on something Shigure recently told her that if she looks too much at the future, she may trip over what is right in front of her.

Kyo arrives with Kazuma Sohma, who Tohru identifies as Kyo's father to Uotani and Hanajima. At his conference, Kyo says that he does not know what he wants for his future. Kazuma agrees that he cannot imagine Kyo going to college or having an office job. Afterwards, Kyo feels that he has little time left, wanting to spend this time with Tohru, and that he can think of nothing else. Uotani throws her shoe at him, which he catches. They all return to Shigure's house to eat somen together.

Yuki takes a phone call from his mother, who is cold to him on the phone. This provokes memories of his time spent in isolation. Then, his mother was unresponsive to his desires to take him home. She told him that he is lucky that Akito has taken a liking to him.

At Yuki's meeting, his mother says that she does not see a point to the meeting since she has already decided that Yuki will attend one of the colleges that she has selected for him. Yuki reflects on his relationship with his mother, feeling that his words have never had any power over her.

Ayame arrives with a bouquet of roses that he gives to Mayu, saying that the conference can start now that he has arrived. Observing Ayame's interactions with their mother, Yuki is surprised to find how little control their mother has over Ayame. Their mother calls Ayame dumb and useless, and has no right to interfere in Yuki's life. Yuki defends Ayame saying that he has been there for him when she has not been. Their mother says that she does not deserve such disrespect from them, and that had she known they would turn out this way, she wishes she had never given birth to them.

Yuki runs after his mother, thanking Ayame for coming. Ayame remarks that he feels partially responsible for how their mother treats Yuki knowing that his unusual behaviors has made their mother more strict with Yuki. Ayame texts Hatori updates of the events. Yuki catches his mother in the hall, grabbing her shoulder and appreciating how thin it feels, much in contrast to how she felt to him when he was young. Yuki tells his mother that he intends to put effort into making a life for himself even if she does not appreciate him. He tells her that he will be applying to colleges that he will choose for himself.

After finishing his conversation with his mother, Yuki sees Tohru in the hall and smiles at her, recognizing that her words helped to give him courage to talk to this mother. Naohito Sakuragi grabs Yuki and tells him to come with him for an emergency. They arrive to the room where the student council meets, and Yuki learns that the emergency is that Ayame has come to speak with the members of the student council. At the end, Tohru reflects on the fact that winter is coming, but that she can appreciate the warmth of the present.



  • The episode title is taken from one of Yuki Sohma’s lines.

Anime and Manga Differences[]

  • The beginning of Yuki and Mayuko's conversation got removed from the anime, where the latter was informing Yuki that his mother wanted to schedule their conference to a later time.
  • A couple of small bits of Yuki and Tohru's conversation were removed for the anime, notably Tohru recalling mention of Yuki's mother and some schoolgirls asking if Yuki would be going to college after graduating.
  • Unlike the anime, Shigure's hair was combed straight instead of being disheveled in the manga while at Tohru's conference.
  • While talking about what she wanted to do for her future, a bit where Tohru was thinking about Kyo's future got removed from the anime.
  • After leaving the classroom, there is a removed scene where Tohru is shocked to learn that Shigure knew of Mayuko being single and then starts wondering about her teacher's words.
  • While Shigure recalls a meeting he had with Isuzu, there is a removed bit of the scene where Isuzu commented on the injury to Tohru's cheek she got from Akito.
  • A dinner scene with Tohru, Kyo, and Yuki was removed from the anime. Here, Tohru was still stunned with the tension between Shigure and Mayuko at her conference and talked with Yuki and Kyo about their upcoming conferences. Shigure would arrive later in the scene, where he commented that Hatori wanted him to burn the dress suit that he loaned Shigure.
  • Tohru's conversation with Saki and Arisa regarding her conference originally took place while she was cleaning around the school instead of outside it.
  • When Yuki walked out to see his mother for his teacher conference, he carried no umbrella with him in the manga. Plus, the anime skipped over a scene where gossiping female students are curious to know which of Yuki's parents are coming to the conference and what they look like.
  • A few lines of dialogue are removed from the scene where the student council meets Ayame. This includes Kimi asking if Ayame’s single and Naohito further complaining about Ayame’s presence.


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