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Kanji セレナーデ
Music Information
Performer Ritsuko Okazaki
Runtime TBA
Ending Number 2
First Episode Episode 18
Last Episode Episode 25
Chiisana Inori N/A →

Serenade is the ending of the Fruits Basket anime for Episode 25, performed by Ritsuko Okazaki in the Japanese Version, and Daphne Gere in the English dub. The English version is also featured in the background of Episode 18


Something delicate, special like the love we know

My fragile heart beats at time secure, at times alone...

My first treasure took me years to find

It's what I cling to when confusion clouds my mind...

Then you come to me and you smile,

Suddenly I feel as if everything's okay

Lost in your smile,

All at once I am swept away...

When trouble falls upon me like rain,

When the world becomes what they call, a lonely place

You carry me through

From dreary skies the sun breaks through

When you are lost, and you don't know what to do

Just look you'll see me calling out to you.

And when you are shaking from winter wind upon your face

I'll hurry up to you, and warm you up in an embrace...

Baby you can count on me,

Always and forever I'll stand right next to you

Come what may,

I know it's worth to see it through.

Love can be a delicate thing,

True love has the power that is infinitely real

Locking the heart,

Through true emotions that you feel.


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