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Shigure's House
Type: House
Address: Japan
Inhabitants: Shigure Sohma, Yuki Sohma, Tohru Honda, Kyo Sohma (Formerly)
Kinu Sohma, Hajime Sohma, Mutsuki Sohma (Currently)
Status: Active

The House is owned by Shigure Sohma, and is located in the Sohma Family's rented land.

Story Overview[]

It is mentioned that after a certain incident, Shigure was kicked out of the Sohma estate by Akito Sohma, and began living alone. He finances the living expenses partly from the money he gets from the Main House.

When Shigure was told how much Yuki Sohma had suffered from living in the Sohma estate, he invited Yuki to live with him. The two lived alone for quite a while before Tohru Honda joined them. Since she was living in a tent in their property, Shigure invited Tohru to live in his house, rent-free, in exchange for basic housework; he even outfitted one unused room completely for her. When Kyo Sohma came back from the mountains, he is forced to transfer to Yuki and Tohru's school and therefore also settles down in Shigure's house. Although the house is only inhabited by these four, many other characters have visited and stayed over the night.

According to Hiro Sohma, even after Shigure reconciled himself with Akito and moved back into the main state and Kyo, Tohru and Yuki all went their separate ways and began living somewhere else, the house wouldn't be demolished.

In Fruits Basket Another, the house is inhabited by Kinu Sohma, Hajime Sohma, and Mutsuki Sohma. It is mentioned that the Sohmas drop in from time to time, and they always leave their clothes and junk in the house. Old clothes from the time Tohru and the others lived in the house still remains as well.


  • There is a running gag in the series where several characters, including Kyo and Kagura Sohma, ruins doors, furniture and more in the house, much to Shigure's dismay.
  • In Another, Sawa Mitoma noticed a different plank in the ceiling. It is heavily implied to be the one which Kyo came crashing down during his first appearance.
  • It's implied Tohru and Kyo's second son will live in the house with his wife, daughter and parents in the future; given in the epilogue, the house looks like Shigure's only slightly updated and altered.



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