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Sohma Estate
Type: Estate
Address: Japan

The Sohma Estate is an estate in which entirely members of the Sohma Family reside in.


There is a total of about 150 people living within the Sohma estate. Within the main estate itself live only 50 people of those who know about the curse; as in the head of the family, the Cursed Sohmas, their relatives, and the maids surrounding them. Those who are unbeknownst to the curse, which makes up the remaining 100 people, live “outside” of said main estate.

According to Shigure, the Sohma family also own a large amount of land, such as the property where his house is located, the Sohma parks, the Sohma hot spring, the Sohma dojos, the Sohma hospitals, and the Sohma vacation homes. The Sohma family’s house also consists of the main estate, its property, businesses owned by the family, and even the family’s own section in the local cemetery.

The entrance of outsiders is strictly limited. However, Fruits Basket Another shows that the restrictions have begun to be lifted: ie., the Sohmas can now freely invite their friends to the Sohma Cottage without needing permission.



  • When Tohru Honda goes to first visit the Sohma estate, she is astounded by the size and grandeur of the property, without even being aware she has only seen the main household.
  • The Sohma family is over 1,000 years old.


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