Sohma House

Sohma House-2001

Sohma House-2019

Type: House
Address: Japan

The Sohma House is a household in which entirely members of the Sohma Family resides in.


There is a total of about 150 people living within the Sohma house; within the main estate live only those who know about the curse; as in the head of the family, the Cursed Sohmas, their relatives, and the maids surrounding them. Those who are unbeknownst to the curse, which makes up the majority, live "outside" of the main estate.

The Sohma family's house consists of the main estate, its property, businesses owned by the family, and even the family’s own section in the local cemetery. The family uses a patriarchal system, evidenced by the fact that Ren Sohma forced her daughter Akito Sohma to be raised as a man, because she saw a female head of the family as competition. Additionally, traditions and special abilities are passed down in generations, as Hatori Sohma learned a special ability from his father, which has only been passed down in his lineage. The family mainly has a primogeniture system of inheritance, though this can vary when it comes to different cases. For example, Yuki Sohma was favored above his older brother Ayame Sohma because he was born as the Rat.



  • When Tohru Honda goes to first visit the Sohma estate, she is astounded by the size and grandeur of the property, without even being aware she has only seen the main household.


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