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Song for Yui Horie
Song for Yui Horie CD Cover.jpg
Music Information
Performer Yui Horie
Runtime 22 minutes
Release Date December 29, 2001
Label King Records
Memory for You Four Seasons - Song for Ritsuko Okazaki

Song for Yui Horie is an original soundtrack for the 2001 anime adaption of the Fruits Basket.


Covers of the intro and outro theme song for the very popular anime Fruits Basket by Yui Horie, who played the main character Tohru Honda. The original CD became a long-time selling title.


Disc 1

  1. For Fruit Basket
  2. Serenade (instrumental)
  3. Adorable Tomorrow (Fruits Basket Version, instrumental)
  4. sky blue (instrumental)
  5. Little Prayer


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