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Sora Sohma
Sora sohma
Kanji 草摩 昊
Rōmaji Sōma Sora
Gender Female
Age 15
Hair Color Black
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Affiliation Kaibara Municipal High School
Parents Hatsuharu Sohma (Father)
Rin Sohma (Mother)
Siblings Riku Sohma (Twin Brother)
Extended Family Unnamed Grandparents
Isuzu's Parents (Grandparents)
Manga Another Chapter 3
Voice Actors

Sora Sohma (草摩 昊, Sōma Sora) is the older twin sister of Riku Sohma, introduced in Fruits Basket Another. She goes to school along with Mitoma, Riku, Mutsuki, and Hajime Sohma.

It is heavily implied, though not confirmed, that Riku and Sora are the children of Hatsuharu and Rin Sohma.


Sora shares the same long black hair as Rin, but keeps it in pigtails as opposed to letting it down. She dresses in a typical school uniform covered with a sweater. Along with the uniform, she wears a short black skirt with dark leggings.


Sora has an overall friendly and happy demeanor in contrast to her serious brother. She has a tendency to speak in a "cutesy" manner by referring to others in such a way.

Story Overview



Sora is first seen casually walking around on school grounds sipping from a box of juice when she sees her brother carrying Sawa Mitoma. She gives a friendly introduction to Mitoma and is the 4th Sohma to be introduced. When Hajime appears she clings on to him and exclaims that Riku made Mitoma cry. The three are surprised when Mitoma thanks Riku for explaining himself to her (that he wanted to have lunch with her). To avoid confusion, Sora and Riku let Mitoma refer to them by their first names instead of the customary last name.

She is later seen inviting herself to Michi Manabe's get-together.


Sawa Mitoma

Sora's relationship with Mitoma is a friendly one. She initially asks jokingly if Mitoma was going to confess (her love) to Riku to which the latter vehemently denied. When she sees Mitoma crying she comforts her and encourages her to speak up. By the end of their conversation she asks Mitoma to refer to her by first name.

Riku Sohma

Riku is Sora's younger twin brother. Despite his serious demeanor they seem to share a typical sibling relationship. Sora openly teases him calling him "neurotic" and "blockhead" while also commenting on his serious and blunt nature.

Hajime Sohma

It can be assumed that all four of the Sohma family members grew up together. When Hajime finds Sora, Mitoma, and Riku Sora instantly clings to Hajime and tells him that Riku had made Hajime cry. Though he is exasperated by the greeting, he does not reject it.



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