Sorta Cinderella is a play that Tohru Honda and her classmates performed in Volume 15.

The obvious miscast, ranging from Saki as Cinderella to Tohru as the cruel stepsister to Yuki as the Fairy Godmother, made the script writer resort to tearing up and rewriting the entire play to make it fit the cast. (Rather than simply reassign roles that fit the cast better). Cinderella wore pure black at Saki's behest, and Mine Kuramae's wholehearted approval, and the only things in her interest were her stepsister (Tohru) and yakiniku (barbecued meat). The stepsister was pure and loving, while the stepmother was the same as in the original story. Prince Charming was turned into a moody, over-reacting slump who didn't want to have the entire ball to begin with. The prince's friend was, in Prince Charming's opinion, "an infuriating sack of skin," but is actually just a prince who wants Prince Charming to get married already. The costumes were made by Ayame Sohma and Mine Kuramae, much to the initial horror of the two other Sohmas.

After the play, Hanajima met Kazuma Sohma, and developed a crush on him, terrifying Kyo at the thought of Hanajima and his "father" Shishou.


Cinderella: Saki Hanajima
Stepsister: Tohru Honda
Stepmother: Minami Kinoshita
Prince: Kyo Sohma
Prince's friend: Arisa Uotani
Fairy Godmother: Yuki Sohma

Character Breaking

In various parts of the play, the cast accidentally broke character in some of their scenes

Arisa Uotani
In the middle, Arisa broke character by shouting "Come see me, dammit!" into the audience due to the prince's (Kyo's) refusal to try and search for Cinderella (Hanajima) with the glass slipper. She was speaking of Kureno Sohma in her outburst.
Tohru Honda
Tohru also broke character for a moment near the end, saying she would be unhappy that the Prince would be locked up in a castle until he dies, speaking about how she didn't want Kyo to be locked up in the Cat's isolated room.
Kyo Sohma
After rejecting the dance with Tohru, Kyo tries to stop her, but fails. When he returns to Arisa, he says, "Why am I doing this again?" while Arisa thinks, "Stop looking depressed on stage."


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