Takei Makoto

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Takei Makoto adult

Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Teacher (FB Another)
Affiliation Kaibara Municipal High School
Manga TBA
Anime TBA
Voice Actors
English Kyle Hebert
Takei Makoto was the Student Council president before Yuki Sohma. He appears in both the anime and the manga. At several points in the series, he is shown to have a crush on Yuki, blushing whenever he is around and imagining him. In the beginning of the manga, he is probably a second-year student.


He is strict about the school code and would make sure that he would do whatever he takes to correct a student's wrong doings. He tends to do everything relating to Yuki, even immediately choosing him as his successor and commenting that he would like to take back just to look at Yuki more often.

Story Overview

Before Summer Vacation

When he first appears, he yells at Hatsuharu Sohma for having two different hair colors, and despite Yuki's protests, states that it is against the school rules and it is not possible to have two natural hair colors. He continues his ranting at Momiji Sohma for wearing the girl's uniform, and when Tohru Honda attempts to help Momiji, he says that he is defending logic. By this time, Haru has turned black, and proceeds to beat up Takei, dragging him into the bathroom and presumably shows him his pubic hair.

Fruits Basket Another

Makoto Takei in Fruits Basket Another

Makoto's appearance in Fruits Basket Another

Makoto has become a teacher at the high school where Fruits Basket Another takes place. He is first seen scolding Sawa Mitoma for being late on her first day of school, but is stopped by Mutsuki Sohma, who he seems to have as much a crush on as his father.