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The Strongest Tag - The Cursed Electric Wave Brother and Sister
Episode Information
Kanji 第十八話
Rōmaji Dai Juu Hachi Wa
Air Date November 1, 2001 (JP)
March 25, 2003 (US)
Staff Information
Music Information
Opening For Fruits Basket
Ending Chiisana Inori
It's Because I've Been Loved That I've Become Stronger The Source of Cheer Can Be Affected By Colds Too

The Strongest Tag - The Cursed Electric Wave Brother and Sister is the eighteenth episode of Fruits Basket.


he Prince Yuki Fan Club heads to Hana’s house to discover the secrets of her Electric Wave powers. They find Hana’s curse-casting brother Megumi instead!


Motoko Minagawa, Minami Kinoshita, Mio Yamagishi, and Mai Gotou, the members of the Prince Yuki fan club, initiate a scheme to seemingly do an interview with Saki to better understand her psychic ability of sending and receive electric waves. It is later revealed that the fan club plans to seek revenge, finding out the weakness of Saki in order to approach Tohru. The fan club is invited to the Hanajima residence, as they led to her bedroom and are introduced to Megumi Hanajima, Saki's younger brother. Megumi tells the fan club about his ability to curse people after learning their names. Saki then figures out that the fan club is only concerned as to why Tohru is spending so much time with Yuki, startling the fan club. Megumi explains that love can be a source of both pleasure and pain and must not be forced upon others. He then seemingly curses them after calling out their names, to which they quickly depart. Saki narrates revealing her weakness being Tohru, as she is always protective of Tohru. 




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