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Tohru's Aunt
Kanji 透の叔母
Rōmaji Tohru no Oba
Gender Female
Hair Color Black-blueish
Eye Color Dark Brown
Professional Status
Occupation N/A
Parents Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Siblings Katsuya Honda (Older Brother)
Spouse Unnamed Husband[1]
Children Unnamed Son
Unnamed Daughter
Extended Family
Manga Chapter 6
Anime Episode 5 (2001)
Episode 5 (2019)
Voice Actors
Japanese Keiko Kōmyōji (2001)
Mie Sonozaki (2019)
English Cynthia Cranz (2001)
Nazia Chaudhry (2019)

She is the younger sister of Katsuya Honda and the aunt of Tohru Honda.


She is a fair-skinned, average-built woman in her middle age with a few age marks around her eyes, along with a pair of dark brown eyes. She has short, nape-length, black-blueish hair with long bangs framing her eyelashes, which is mostly parted to the right. She is usually seen wearing sweaters and long skirts in warm colors. Occasionally, she wears oval-shaped glasses.


She is a very serious and level-headed woman who cares a great deal about the outward appearance of their family, as well as her children’s future. For example, when Tohru returned home after living with the Sohmas, she had a detective agency to look into it, believing that she did indecent things and that it might affect her son’s future. She is also not very fond of Kyoko Honda, and believes that Tohru is a lot like her mother and just as reckless as her. When things don’t go her way, she seems to have a rather immature and comical reaction to it.[2] Despite such things, she cares deeply about her family and it seems that she eventually warms up slightly to Tohru.[3]

Story Overview[]

First Year Arc[]

Tohru’s aunt and her husband were planning to move in with her father, but before so, they wanted to renovate the whole house first. Because of this, he was invited to live with her family for the time being.[4]

S1E5-2019 (98)

Tohru’s aunt watches her son getting slapped.

After a few months and after the renovations were done, Tohru’s aunt and her family moves into their newly-renovated home, along with her father. Tohru also leaves the Sohmas in order to live with her family. The first day after Tohru moved in, her aunt tells her that she had a detective agency to look into the Sohma household where Tohru was living with three males. She explains that since her son dreams of becoming a police officer, it would be troublesome if someone in the family had a criminal record. She admits that she felt uneasy about Kyoko, and now worries about Tohru being as reckless as her mother and doesn’t want her to “behave thoughtlessly”. When her son questions Tohru if she did anything “indecent” in the house, her father slaps him, shocking both Tohru’s aunt and her son. After Tohru’s grandfather tells Tohru that she should live in the place she most wants to and after Yuki Sohma and Kyo Sohma arrives to bring her back to their house, Tohru’s aunt and her son seem to be exhausted from the whole ordeal.[2]

During New Year’s Eve, Tohru’s grandfather reveals that their family went on a vacation to Hawaii.[5]

Second Year Arc[]

S2E14-2019 (20)

Tohru’s aunt talks about her bedridden father.

At one point, Tohru’s aunt calls Tohru to inform that her grandfather has strained his back and is currently resting. While Tohru is very worried about him, her aunt assures her that he will be fine. She then asks her about her upcoming parent-teacher and wonders if she has to go in her father’s stead, but Shigure Sohma steps in and smoothly coordinates so that he can attend the conference instead.[3]



She appears to love her father, and even wanted him to move in with her and invited him to live with her family for a while.[4] Despite this, she is shocked to hear him call her and her son being “nasty by nature”, and scolds him since he is supposed to be on their side.[2] Nonetheless, she cares about him and watches over him when he is sick.[3]

Kyoko Honda[]

Tohru’s aunt isn’t fond of Kyoko or her marriage to Katsuya, her brother. Even though Kyoko is considered to be a great wife and mother by Katsuya and Tohru respectively, she continues holding her in low regard even after her death.[2]

Tohru Honda[]

She is cold and distant towards Tohru, and believes that she is just as reckless as her mother was in the past, and holds very little trust in her.[2] However, she still seems to care for Tohru slightly, as she calls her to update her about her grandfather’s situation and even offers to go to her parent-teacher conference.[3]


  • Her name is never revealed.
  • She and her son are mentioned to be “nasty by nature” by her very own father.[2]



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