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Tohru's Female Cousin
Kanji 透のいとこ
Rōmaji Tohru no Itoko
Gender Female
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Parents Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Siblings Unnamed Older Brother
Extended Family
Manga Chapter 6
Anime Episode 5 (2001)
Episode 5 (2019)
Voice Actors
Japanese Kaoru Suzuki (2001)
Ryōko Maekawa (2019)
English Kasey Buckley (2001)
Kristin Sutton (2019)

She is the cousin of Tohru Honda.


She is a fair-skinned young woman with an average build and height, along with a pair of dark brown eyes. She has straight, shoulder-length, black-brownish hair which is unevenly cut and styled into a bob, along with a middle-part for bangs which frame her eyebrows. During her appearance, she is seen wearing a pink turtle-neck sweater and white pants.


Compared to her mother and older brother, she is a quite easy-going and outspoken young woman who is not afraid to correct other people. She also seems to want to appear as mature as possible, and is shocked by the fact that Tohru might seem more mature than her.[1]

Story Overview[]

Tohru’s cousin and her family were planning to move in with her grandfather, but before so, their family wanted to renovate the whole house first. Because of this, her grandfather lived with her and her family for the time being.[2]

S1E5-2019 (225)

Tohru’s cousin listens.

After the renovations were done, Tohru’s cousin and her family moves into their newly-renovated home, along with her grandfather. Tohru also leaves the Sohmas in order to live with her family. The first day after Tohru moves in, her cousin expresses her disappointment in having to share rooms with Tohru since they had moved into a bigger house. She also corrects her grandfather when he calls Tohru for “Kyoko-san”. Later, when her mother and brother accuses Tohru of doing “indecent things” at the Sohmas, she is very shocked to hear this since she thought she was more mature than Tohru. When her grandfather snaps and slaps her brother, she is shocked but listens quietly when he explains the importance of living somewhere she can “spread her wings” to Tohru, as well as when the latter cries that she wants to return to the Sohmas.[1]

During New Year’s Eve, she is mentioned to be on a family vacation in Hawaii, where she is seen sunbathing.[3]


  • Her name is never revealed.



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