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Kisa & Hiro This page contains the relationships of Tohru Honda, including family, friends and others.


Kyoko Honda[]

S2E15-2019 (66)

Tohru with her beloved mother, Kyoko.

Kyoko is Tohru’s beloved late mother. Even though Kyoko abandoned her for a while when she was a child, they were very close, doting, and loving to one another, and Tohru thinks that she was born to meet her mother. Kyoko shared her wisdom and kindness with Tohru and shaped her entire outlook in life. Tohru places her mother above all else; she works her hardest for Kyoko’s sake and to lessen the burden for her, holds her in high regard, wishes for an unchanging, eternal bond with her, and views her as the most important person in her life. This is why, when Kyoko suddenly passes away, Tohru is grief-stricken and overcome with fear that it would be as Kyoko’s never existed. Thus, Tohru swears that she will always place Kyoko first in her heart, because she was sure that that way, they would always stay together, and Kyoko, their memories, and their promises to one another would never disappear. Tohru acknowledges that if she didn’t think that way, she would have broken down and not be able to move forward.

Even after she meets the Sohmas and finds herself in more unusual circumstances, Tohru regularly talks about her mother fondly and often thinks back to her in times of worry, and relies on her emotional wisdom to guide her through life. She also always keeps a picture of Kyoko with her at all times, which is her most cherished possession. On the other hand, Tohru has an unhealthy inability to move on from Kyoko's death; she always talks about her in the present tense, her picture of Kyoko is tied to her emotional well-being and she treats it as though it really is her, and she also refuses to truly let someone into her heart. When Tohru slowly begins falling in love with Kyo, it upsets her greatly, and she spends a long time struggling with these feelings as she feels guilty about demeaning Kyoko's memory by placing a new person in her heart. But eventually, Tohru’s love for Kyo surpasses her desire to remain connected to her mother, and she learns to move on with her life while still having a special place for her mother in her heart.

Towards the end, Tohru still loves her mother dearly and keeps a picture of her in her room, and knows her so well that she is absolutely confident that Kyoko’s last words to Kyo were not born out of hatred. In adulthood, it is seen that Tohru no longer puts Kyoko on a pedestal and no longer views Katsuya as the “villain” of her story either, and simply remembers both of them as her loving parents.

Katsuya Honda[]

S3E13-2019 (533)

Tohru with her family.

Tohru shares a rather complicated relationship with her father, Katsuya. After his death when she was only three years old, which left Kyoko deeply depressed and suicidal, Tohru became afraid that her father would take away her mother from her, and thus began to secretly resent him and see him as the “bad guy”. Tohru then tried to mimic his behavior, including his way of speaking formally, as a way to keep Kyoko to herself; convinced that she would come back to her if she resembled him. After Kyoko’s death, Tohru never talks about her father, though she seemingly takes great pride over “speaking the same way as him”, and only carries around a picture of her mother. She later admits that she is actually ashamed about her negative feelings towards Katsuya as she does remember that he was a kind, loving, and doting father. However, it is implied that Tohru does care for her father to a certain degree, as she has a picture of him behind her mother's picture. In adulthood, Tohru seems to have stopped viewing Katsuya as the villain in her story, and simply remembers both him and Kyoko as her loving parents.


S2E14-2019 (336)

Tohru visits her sickly grandfather.

Tohru loves her grandfather dearly, and he is the one who she lived with after Kyoko passed away. She was determined to pay all her needs herself so she wouldn’t have to trouble her grandfather. At one point after Kyoko’s death, he habitually began calling Tohru “Kyoko-san” as a reminder that Kyoko had truly existed. However, Tohru realized that he was saying it for his own benefit as much as her own, but still doesn’t make a big fuss about it. When Tohru briefly returns back home after living with the Sohmas for a while, he defends her from their other cold-hearted relatives and encourages her to go where she is happy, which Tohru appreciates. When her grandfather strains his back, Tohru is very concerned and watches over him closely, and is distressed and frightened when he talks of her deceased parents and expresses his wish to be with them again.

Kyo Sohma[]

I have to tell the person I love, I’m glad I met you. Maybe it’s only been trouble for you, Kyo-kun, but our time together has filled me with joy. Your awkward kindness made me so happy. Your smile and look of embarrassment made me happy too. Little by little, my happiness turned into affection for you. More than anything, I ran after you desperately that day because I was already in love with you, Kyo-kun. I love you. That’s why I didn’t want you to go anywhere.

—Tohru thinks about her feelings towards Kyo.

S1E3-2019 (305)

Tohru compliments Kyo.

Tohru first meets Kyo when she discovers the Sohma Curse. She is very happy to realize that he is the Cat of the Zodiac, especially since she favors the Cat over all the other animals in the zodiac legend. Because of this, Tohru tries to pursue a friendship with him in the beginning and is sad when he retaliates to her efforts. However, when Kyo eventually warms up to her, they develop a close friendship and are very comfortable in one another’s presence. Tohru loves learning new things about Kyo and is genuinely interested in his life and interests, and is able to see who he is beneath his rough and short-tempered personality. As time goes, Tohru begins considering Kyo, as well as Yuki and Shigure, as her family.

When Tohru is exposed to Kyo’s true form, she refuses to leave his side since she knows that he would never come back to anyone again. She also confesses that although she is scared, she still wants to live alongside him, facing and sharing the happy and painful things. She tells him that just like he has listened to her complaints, she wants to understand him better so she can help him in the same way. Kyo, who had yearned for such an acceptance that he hadn't received from anyone before, hugs her and calls her by name for the first time. Tohru later admits that the reason she was so desperately chasing after Kyo was because she already loved him very much. After experiencing such a personal moment together, they gain a closer relationship and Kyo becomes Tohru’s main confidant, as he is one of the only people Tohru feels comfortable to talk about things she doesn’t talk about to anyone else. In connection to this, knowing that Tohru usually cares so much for others that she forgets to take care of herself, Kyo regularly encourages her to speak up and be selfish sometimes - things that Tohru has had issues with - and helps her face her self-doubt. Tohru is also touched by how Kyo is always there for her when she is hurting, and how insightful he is of her and her feelings; mentioning that Kyo is always spot-on regarding how she feels.

S2E17-2019 (200)

Kyo grabs Tohru’s hand.

Their dynamic begins changing when Tohru gains the knowledge that Kyo is to be locked up after graduation. For example, she subconsciously likens her trauma of losing Kyoko to her anxiety of eventually losing Kyo; she cries when he tells her that he will support her when she gets herself a boyfriend; mentions that he can make her happy or sad with just a few words; and she is unable to respond when asked who her most important person is while thinking about Kyo’s eventual confinement, when she previously would have said it was her mother without any hesitation. She becomes increasingly nervous, self-conscious, and anxious around in his presence (sometimes, the mere act of touching hands sends them into fits of embarrassed babbling), and she wants to spend as much time with him as possible. Even though Kyo has resigned himself to his fate, Tohru doesn’t want her time with Kyo to end and is desperate to break the curse before graduation in order to free him.

While struggling with her feelings towards Kyo as she feels guilty about demeaning her mother’s memory by placing a new person in her heart, Tohru “tests” Kyo by opening up about her feelings towards her father and consequently shows how “dirty” she is in an attempt to see if he would still accept her. Kyo, in return, assures her that she can talk like that as much as she wants and what made her think less of herself wouldn’t make him think any less of her and feel disillusioned. Because he accepted her when she was vulnerable, Tohru is finally able to accept her feelings and she later confesses to Rin that she considers Kyo as the most important person in her life and that he is the main reason she wants to break the curse, and will not allow anything or anyone to take him away from her. Even when Kyo confesses how he had apparently “killed” Kyoko and how she had apparently told him that she would never “forgive him”, Tohru says that she has to go against her mother, since she was already deeply in love with him. However, Kyo rejects her by saying that it made him disillusioned, a remark which contradicted what he said when she opened up about her father, leaving Tohru heartbroken. But she doesn’t hold it against him, and when she later falls off a cliff, she admits to herself that she has always loved Kyo and wants him to live on and find his own happiness, even if it’s without her. Kyo regretfully apologizes for everything, admits his feelings to her, and kisses her, although she is not coherent enough to understand.

Holding hands

An elderly Tohru and Kyo.

After this incident, Tohru is saddened because she thinks that she has been rejected, but Kyo later corrects this misunderstanding and apologizes for trampling over Tohru's feelings and asks her for forgiveness as well as one last chance to make things right, since he wants to be with her forever. Tohru does not feel like she has to forgive Kyo, rather, she just wants to stay with him forever as well and reiterates the strength of her love for him. Shortly after, when the curse is broken, Tohru and Kyo become an incredibly loving and affectionate couple who yearns to spend as much time together as possible and vows to always be at one another's side. Tohru at one point mentions that she is fully ready to go wherever Kyo goes, even if it means that she will leave everyone she loves behind, since not being with Kyo would make her even lonelier. Because of their dedication to one another, Tohru and Kyo would eventually marry, have three children, and grow old together, and they are last seen lovingly walking hand in hand as their children and grandchildren talk about their love fondly.


Arisa Uotani[]

S1E22-2019 (164)

Tohru and Arisa in middle school.

Arisa is one of Tohru’s best friends, whom she affectionately calls “Uo-chan”. They first met in middle school when Arisa was still a member of a gang, and although Arisa despised Tohru at first, she warmed up to her and they were able to become friends. Tohru quickly began considering Arisa as one of her (if not only) best friends, and was bashful yet proud to have such a title. Even though other students talked behind Tohru’s back for being friends with Arisa, Tohru continued being friends with her and later supported her fully when she left the gang. They were often pointed out as being an odd due to their different personalities, but they had found a warm and loving friendship in one another. In eighth grade, they were joined by Saki.

Tohru cares deeply about Arisa, holds her in high regard, and loves her very much, and appreciates the fact that she and Saki are always looking after her. In fact, Tohru views both Arisa and Saki as her surrogate parents, and thus always want them by her side when doing something important for the first time. Tohru puts Arisa’s happiness above her own and wants to do anything to make her happy. For example, when she finds out that the man Arisa had fallen in love with was Kureno Sohma, Tohru sneaks into the Sohma main estate and almost gets into trouble to find him. After finding out that Kureno can’t see Arisa anymore, Tohru feels terrible for not being able to help her friend, though Arisa tells her it’s not her fault. In connection to this, Tohru and Arisa are very comfortable and affectionate with each other, and they are also able to confide almost anything to the other party. Tohru also mentions that she can't imagine a life without both Arisa and Saki, and is more than grateful to have them by her side.

Saki Hanajima[]

S1E22-2019 (227)

Tohru and Saki wanted to stay together.

Saki is one of Tohru’s best friends, and she affectionately calls her “Hana-chan”. They met in eighth grade and quickly became friends despite Saki’s hesitancy. Even when Tohru found out about Saki's past and her powers, she wholly accepted her and wanted to be with her regardless, since she had begun loving Saki very much. From there on, with Tohru being the very first person who accepted her outside of her family, they developed a deep friendship. Despite their opposite personalities, Tohru cherishes Saki, and appreciates that she is always willing to lend her an ear and provide her a shoulder to cry on. They understand one another very well, and thus is quick on the uptake when the other party feels down and will, therefore, try to help one another out as much possible. Tohru views both Saki and Arisa as her surrogate parents, and thus always want them with her when doing something important for the first time. Tohru also mentions that she can't imagine a life without both Saki and Arisa, and is more than grateful to have them by her side.

In Fruits Basket Another, it is known that Saki and Tohru are still close as ever, and regularly keep in touch.

Sohma Family[]

Shigure Sohma[]

S2E2-2019 (354)

Tohru recieving advice from Shigure.

Although Shigure laughs when discovering that Tohru lives in a tent on their property, he offers her to live in his house. They bond over living under the same roof and develop a friendship, with Tohru considering Shigure, Yuki, and Kyo as her family. Shigure becomes very protective and doting of Tohru, to the point where Saki and Arisa liken him to a grandfather spoiling his granddaughter. He also acts like a fun-loving older brother figure to Tohru and often gives her advice when she is overwhelmed and worried about the future, and Tohru takes his advice to heart and often thinks back to them when she feels anxious again.

However, it is later revealed that Shigure is actually using Tohru to break the Sohma curse, which Tohru is oblivious to as she continues to trust him completely and treats him with kindness. Despite this, while he once only considered her a pawn in his plans, her kindness eventually truly endears to him, and he comes to genuinely care for Tohru, to where he is disgusted for still using her in his plans and manipulations and states his guilt reaches sickening levels whenever Tohru treats him so kindly. Tohru's influence also changes Shigure and restores the conscience and heart Shigure had buried deep in him, as Shigure himself admits, to where he starts to uncharacteristically show genuine compassion for others and sincere regret over his previous unfeeling character, to where he even states Tohru could have changed him and made him a better person had he met her sooner. Ultimately, Shigure decides to stop deceiving and manipulating her and coldly but honestly tells Tohru that while they both share the same goal of breaking the curse, it's still quite possible for Kyo to be locked away before it breaks and even goes as far as to menacingly claim that he and the others look down on Kyo and consent to his imprisonment, finally revealing his true character, clearly to harshly but well-intentionally make her realize that she loves Kyo and she should spend what happiness she can have with him in the case Kyo has to be imprisoned. While she never realizes the extent of Shigure's manipulations, Shigure's cold and bluntness in telling her the harsh truth clearly leaves Tohru emotionally hurt, as the man that she trusted the most just straight-up forced her to confront reality, leading to her physically shoving him away and running in tears. However, after the curse is broken and both of them have reached their respective goals, it is implied that any bad blood between the two has waned away, and Tohru and Shigure stay good friends.

Yuki Sohma[]

S1E1-2019 (230)

Yuki encouraging Tohru to be herself.

Tohru has been classmates with Yuki ever since they started high school, but it isn’t until Tohru starts living with the Sohmas that they become close friends. Although she is initially nervous and often blushes around him due to his popularity and reputation as the school prince, Tohru enjoys Yuki’s company, is touched by his kindness, and is wholly accepting of him even after discovering the curse. He is the first real friend Tohru makes aside from Arisa and Saki, and she thus tells him that even if her memories of him were lost, she still wants the two of them to remain friends. Tohru is also aware of bits of Yuki’s trauma and issues, and thus cares and worries about him deeply and wants to help him the best way she can; including offering him friendship, a listening ear, unconditional support without expecting something in return, and even pushing Akito away from Yuki whom she threatened to lock up and torture for defying her. Yuki, as well, appreciates her kindness and helps her out sometimes, such as coming to her “rescue” when she was temporarily living with her unkind relatives. As time goes on, Tohru begins considering Yuki, as well as Kyo and Shigure, as her family, and is very comfortable in his presence.

It is later revealed that Tohru and Yuki “met” each other when they were younger where Yuki saved her, and although she doesn’t remember the identity of the boy, Tohru cherishes the memory and calls the boy her “first love”. After Yuki finds out that Tohru was the girl he had saved in the past, he eventually admits to himself, but not to her, that she is so very dear to him. However, it is later revealed that Yuki had actually been looking for a “mother figure” in Tohru; feelings he tried to reject because he thought they were embarrassing, and thus tried to cover them up by convincing himself that he loved her romantically. But Yuki is later able to accept his true feelings, and is eventually able to watch over Tohru and encourage her happiness, and supports her relationship with Kyo. Tohru also realizes that when Yuki joins the student council and starts making connections of his own and thus doesn’t need her support as much, she is happy, proud, and continues watching over him. She is also insightful of Yuki and notices when he begins opening up and becomes a happier person, and even thanks Kakeru Manabe, a person who openly told her that she was disgusting for grieving her mother, for being one of the people who made it possible.

Towards the end, their friendship has grown stronger and more genuine, with Tohru being inspired by his rapid growth, cheering for his accomplishments, and confiding her hopes and fears with him. Yuki visits her more than anyone else when she is hospitalized, which Tohru appreciates deeply. Yuki even beats Kyo up for not visiting her in the hospital, and eventually becomes the reason why Tohru and Kyo are essentially able to clear the misunderstandings between them, reconcile, and finally become a couple. Before Tohru moves with Kyo to another city, Yuki is finally able to confess his true feelings; that Tohru had been like a "mother-figure" for him. Yuki thinks his true feelings are a little embarrassing, which Tohru denies, but he tells her that he is thankful for meeting her and how she has helped him grow into the man he is today. Yuki thanks Tohru for everything she has done for him and finally calls her “Tohru” as opposed to his usual “Honda-san”, which prompts Tohru to cry tears of joy.

In adulthood, Tohru and Yuki are still close friends, as it is known that they occasionally meet up with their respective spouses despite living in different cities, and since their respective sons were raised like brothers.

Kagura Sohma[]

S1E10-2019 (239)

Tohru and Kagura watching a movie.

Even though Kagura initially views Tohru as her as a love rival for Kyo's affections, Tohru has always treated Kagura with kindness and is curious about her considering she is a female Zodiac. Tohru also admires Kagura for being so honest and expressive with her feelings of love. The girls later bond over helping each other out, cooking, cleaning, and shopping, and eventually develop a strong friendship. Tohru views Kagura as a close friend and genuinely enjoys her company, as they are similar in some aspects. However, when Kagura overhears Tohru confessing to Rin that Kyo is her most special person, she grows frustrated with her for not telling it to Kyo personally and thus slaps her for it, which knocks Tohru out. Despite this, both of them mention that they wouldn't apologize to the other since they understand each other, which shows that Tohru respects Kagura, and it is also thanks to her that Tohru realizes that she can't run away from her feelings anymore.

Momiji Sohma[]

S2E10-2019 (351)

Tohru and Momiji touching foreheads.

Tohru and Momiji share a very close and significant friendship, and Tohru considers Momiji as one of her closest friends. While Tohru is shocked to realize that Momiji is only a year younger than her, they are very affectionate with one another and are often seen holding hands and initiating physical contact with each other, showing that Tohru trusts Momiji and is relaxed in his presence. Both of them think they are very much alike and in sync, in which Momiji compares them to a married couple. Tohru has also stated that she is glad to have met him and acts somewhat motherly towards him. Tohru and Momiji care deeply about one another and will go great lengths to help and protect each other. For example, Momiji is willing to let himself get hit by Akito to protect Tohru, and Tohru, not being able to watch Momiji get hurt, quickly interferes and stands up against Akito. Tohru also appreciates the fact that Momiji is always worrying about her and supporting her, and not scolding her for her “selfish” desires.

Tohru and Momiji understand each other, as both have experienced painful things regarding their mothers, and thus becomes a source of comfort and assurance for one another. Tohru feels strongly about Momiji’s family situation and wants to do everything she can to help him out. She is also aware that the usually cheerful Momiji has his moments of weakness, and is thus always ready to hug him as a way to comfort him, even if it means he will transform. She also thinks that Momiji is very strong considering everything he has gone through, and admires him for that quality.

As time goes on, Momiji develops feelings for Tohru and becomes able to see through her and her actions, and is therefore always happy to lend her a helping hand. Even after Momiji enters his growth spurt and makes his romantic feelings towards Tohru clearer, even indirectly and subtly telling her that he is glad that he grew up because he would be taken more seriously by her now, Tohru is oblivious to these feelings, and only tells him that he is handsome and treats him as affectionally as she did before. Momiji never tells Tohru of his feelings either, because he knows that she has never seen him in that way and because she is deeply in love with Kyo. When his curse breaks, Momiji is saddened because he knows that Tohru would be much happier if Kyo's curse broke, and is well aware of the fact that he could never be with Tohru. Despite this, Momiji gradually moves on and becomes supportive of her relationship with Kyo, as her happiness is his happiness.

Hatori Sohma[]

S2E8-2019 (67)

Hatori pats Tohru’s head.

Tohru is happy to have met Hatori, another member of the Zodiac. But when she realizes that Hatori is the one who erases outsider’s memories, she grows somewhat fearful and distrustful towards him, though she feels guilty about it since her mother told her to not doubt people. Nonetheless, as Tohru continues spending more time with him, gets to know him better, and learns about his past, Tohru begins feeling great compassion to Hatori and views him as an incredibly kind person. Hatori, in return, cares deeply for Tohru because of her kindness and similarity to Kana Sohma. His desire is to protect Tohru's smile and prevent her from ending up like Kana.

Hatsuharu Sohma[]

S1E25-2019 (207)

Hatsuharu pats Tohru’s head.

When Tohru first meets Hatsuharu, she thinks he is very mature and polite for his age, and is thus shocked by his "Black Haru" persona. Tohru is also oblivious when Black Haru says inappropriate things or acts rashly, and continues treating him kindly. Yuki and Kyo are therefore the people who keep Black Haru in line and keep him from mistreating Tohru in any way. Tohru also supports him when he says he loves Yuki, even though she is shocked, and says that the story of their friendship is lovely. Hatsuharu also finds her kindness endearing, and gives his thanks to her for softening the aura of both Kyo and Yuki, as well as helping to mend their relationship. Later, when Tohru becomes close friends with Rin, Hatsuharu's girlfriend, she becomes very supportive of their relationship.

Akito Sohma[]

When Tohru first meets Akito, she admits that she is scared of her and is slightly distrustful towards her as she is aware that she has hurt people close to her such as Yuki and Hatori. Nonetheless, Tohru treats Akito with respect and kindness, but is able to stand up against her in order to protect her friends; seen when she shoves Akito out of the way to protect Yuki, and when she interferes between Akito and Momiji to protect the latter. When Akito reveals that she is the “God” of the Zodiac and the ruler of their souls, and that Kyo is to be locked up soon, Tohru is horrified. However, Tohru’s confrontation with Akito emboldens her to break the curse, and she refuses to give up despite her warnings. When she later learns that Akito is a female and hears about her tragic past from Kureno, she is extremely shocked and begins viewing her in another light.

S3E9-2019 (194)

Tohru and Akito begin to understand each other.

When they meet one another at the point where Akito is at her lowest, Tohru has come to terms with her mother’s death and just been excessively rejected by Kyo, and the curse is falling apart, Tohru feels like for the first time, she can truly understand Akito. Because similarly to Akito wishing for an eternal bond with the Zodiacs, Tohru had her own selfish wish to forever have an unchanging bond with her mother. She also understands that as a “God” designated to be worshipped, Akito has been so very lonely and scared ever since she was young, just like herself. While Akito rejects all of Tohru’s advances by screaming, swinging a knife, cutting her arm, and slapping her, Tohru doesn’t give in, and acknowledges Akito as a normal woman on the same level as her, and not as a God above her like most other people. Tohru later also acknowledges that even though Akito did make many mistakes, she was still in the wrong as she had hurt Akito in the process of wanting to break the curse. Even so, Tohru expresses her wish to be her friend, and does not accept it when Akito tears herself down and puts a distance between them. Because of Tohru's kindness, Akito eventually accepts her friendship, and it is thanks to her influence that Akito yearns to end the cycle of abuse and become a person who can help others, just like Tohru helped her. Towards the end of the series, the two have become close friends, as Akito mentions that she is comfortable with visiting Tohru anytime after she moves away.

In Fruits Basket Another, Tohru and Akito’s friendship has grown even stronger. Tohru and Akito are shown to have met up with their children many times, and she teaches Akito things like hand games so she can enjoy them with her own son. It is also mentioned that although Akito keeps her distance from the Sohmas at all times to atone for her sins, she spends New Year’s Eve with Tohru every year.

Ayame Sohma[]

S1E13-2019 (101)

Tohru and Ayame talk about Yuki.

Despite Ayame's flamboyant and eccentric behavior, as well as his tendency to sometimes advantage of her patient and kind nature, Tohru is kind towards Ayame and enjoys his company. It is proven that they bond over caring deeply about Yuki, and Tohru is well aware of the brother’s strained relationship and thus wants to help Ayame to mend his relationship with Yuki. Although Ayame isn't confident in himself as his role as an older brother, Tohru assures that he seems very much like an older brother despite their pasts.

Kisa Sohma[]

S1E18-2019 (132)

Tohru hugs Kisa.

Tohru’s first impression of Kisa is that she is extremely cute, and is happy to see yet another female member of the Zodiac. Although Tohru has always treated Kisa with affection and kindness, Kisa, who had been bullied and temporarily become mute, initially rejects her friendly advances and even bites her twice in her tiger form. However, Tohru never holds it against her, and instead truly understands her since she was also bullied, helps with her situation, and gives her the strength to move forward and face her fears. Because of this, Kisa eventually opens up to Tohru and develops a very deep attachment to her; affectionally calling Tohru for "Onee-chan". It is mentioned that after a few days after this incident, Kisa begins following Tohru around like a “baby duck”, and Tohru is so happy about it that she would constantly hug her and exclaim how cute she was. And when Kisa eventually regains her voice thanks to Tohru’s influence, she is very happy and cried tears of happiness.

Following this, Tohru and Kisa develop an even stronger, sisterly bond. Tohru is very doting towards Kisa and they are equally as happy to see one another and are very affectionate with one another; always hugging whenever they meet each other. Kisa is quite protective of Tohru in her own way, and was angry at Hiro when he had been rude to her and called him out for it. Towards the end, Kisa sees back in all the ways Tohru has helped her, and is thankful yet emotional.

Ritsu Sohma[]

S1E19-2019 (48)

Tohru and Ritsu.

Upon meeting Ritsu, Tohru is happy to meet yet another member of the Zodiac, especially so when she finds out that he is the "daughter" of Okami Sohma. Although Tohru is later shocked to learn that Ritsu is a man who wears women's clothing as it helps calm his nerves, she becomes supportive of him and begins to affectionally call him “Rit-chan-san”. Tohru also understands Ritsu very well and is encouraging towards him, as she is sure that he will be able to find his reason to live. Ritsu is overcome by Tohru's kindness and cries, and says that he hopes he can find his "reason" in a person as well.

Hiro Sohma[]

S1E20-2019 (153)

Tohru hugs Hiro as a “punishment”.

While Hiro holds a strong disdain and is rude towards Tohru, even stealing her wallet with her mother's photo in it once and making put-downs about her weaknesses, Tohru has never held a grudge towards Hiro, and always treats him with kindness. The only thing Tohru wanted in return after Hiro had been rude towards her was to hug Hiro and thus cause him to transform into his sheep form. Tohru thinks it's cute how they were “love rivals” in regards to Kisa, and she also admires Hiro for being so mature for his age and acknowledging how he wants to grow up faster to protect the ones he cares about, and is confident that he will become a “prince” who can protect Kisa. This makes Hiro secretly happy, and although he takes a while to warm up to Tohru, he can eventually handle being in her presence without insulting her, but mostly because Kisa loves Tohru and Hiro wants Kisa to be happy.

Isuzu Sohma[]

S3E6-2019 (24)

Tohru and Rin enjoying a happy moment together.

When Tohru first meets Rin, she becomes curious about her and flustered in her presence, since she is the last female Zodiac she meets. Rin, however, is unkind, aggressive, and distant towards Tohru; she attempts to kick her in her horse form before Yuki saves her, and rejects and harbors resentment towards what she sees as Tohru's interference in the family. Despite such things, Tohru cares about her, as she is genuinely horrified by her mental breakdown, comforts her the best way she can, and visits her in the hospital quite often. It is during this time that Rin internally admits that the reason she had been so unkind towards Tohru was that she had seen a maternal figure in Tohru and that she wanted to be comforted by her over being so weak, which she felt like Tohru didn’t deserve. But when Rin finally breaks down over all the circumstances around her, she cries herself out in Tohru's arms, and Tohru comforts her by speaking from her own painful experiences rather than her mother’s wisdom.

Following this incident, Rin slowly begins to soften up towards Tohru, and Tohru also begins to understand Rin more and shows more compassion to her considering how much she has gone through. She will regularly visit her in the hospital to provide her some comfort, including making handmade jelly, the only food Rin likes. The two girls begin to trust one another and become more comfortable in each other’s presence, as they discuss more personal things such as ways to break the curse. They also eventually become very close friends and Tohru is happy to call herself as such. Tohru tries to be affectionate with her as much as she can; sometimes attempting to hug when meeting her, holding her hand, and praising her work, which however often ends up being rejected due to Rin’s embarrassment. She worries about Rin a lot, as Hatsuharu states that Tohru cares more about Rin that most of the Sohma family, and Tohru herself mentions that just having Rin by her side is more than enough. Despite Rin’s habit of snapping at her sometimes, she is extremely protective of Tohru; she is furious with Kureno for making Tohru cry, lashes out at Kagura for hitting her, and is devastated when she is hospitalized.

Tohru and Rin share a rather unique relationship as Rin becomes the first person who makes Tohru question her motives and feelings, as well as realize how fragile she actually is, and thus wishes for her to find a person who can truly be there for her. Rin is also the only one Tohru has really ever argued with twice, but their friendship grows even stronger because of this. After the curse is broken, Rin breaks down in front of Tohru and confesses how afraid she is that something's wrong with her for not being as forgiving towards Akito as the other Zodiacs and Tohru herself, and admits to feeling insecure about Haru's love for her changing if he finds out how she feels. Tohru immediately reassures that she’s not wrong in any way and that she is happy that Rin is feeling her pain in her stead. Towards the end of the series, Rin claims to not be sad when Tohru is moving away, but it is revealed that she is actually so upset that she wants Tohru to break up with Kyo so she can stay.

Kureno Sohma[]

S2E25-2019 (272)

Tohru is hugged by Kureno.

Kureno is the last Zodiac that Tohru meets. Although they don't have much of a friendship initially, both are very similar; being sincere, kind, polite, and think of others before themselves. When Tohru realizes that Kureno is the man that Arisa had fallen in love with, she becomes determined for them to see each other again; she sneaks into the Sohma main house, gives him Arisa's address and number, and giving him their Cinderella-ish play where Arisa starred. However, he rejects all of this, which saddens Tohru. Later, when Tohru learns that Kureno is freed from the curse, but still stays by Akito's side because he doesn't want her to be lonely and thus can't see Arisa, Tohru begins to feel deeply compassionate towards him and cries out of hopelessness in regards to Kureno's situation. Although it is unknown how their relationship is towards the end, Tohru is supportive of Kureno's relationship with her best friend Arisa.

Kazuma Sohma[]

S2E11-2019 (160)

Tohru and Kazuma discusses the curse.

Tohru gets along very well with Kazuma and holds him in high regard, calling him “Shishou-san”. They bond over caring about Kyo deeply and wanting the best for him. Despite Kazuma's own doubts as Kyo's father, Tohru assures Kazuma that he is Kyo's real father despite everything that has happened between them. Tohru also trusts Kazuma and vice-versa, as he is the first person she goes to in order to find a way to break the curse. Later, when Tohru begins dating Kyo, they develop a more familiar relationship, and Kazuma openly anticipates gaining a grandchild.